COVID-19: Taking a Toll on Food Industry

The Coronavirus can do more than make you sick — it can hurt our food industries.

Empty shelves in a grocery store

Empty shelves in a grocery store

As teenagers during this time of the pandemic, you maybe only thinking what if I or my family gets this virus. You might not be thinking of other ways this could really take a toll on the United States. Not only are restaurants closing, but it’s also becoming harder for grocery stores to receive food, making the shelves stay empty longer. 

The food industry has been heavily destructed from this all. As the virus continues to spread, it’s making it harder for local grocery stores to receive products. How bad can it actually get? Well with the lockdown set in place in California, where they produce a third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the fruit, it’s becoming harder to get the amount needed for everyone. All of this with scares amongst farmers and attracting the virus which is also creating delays and higher pricing on those items, which then is making it harder for those who have lost their jobs to provide for their families. 

Even worse, the food industry in America relies on over 200,000 workers each year, with most of them coming from Mexico where American consulates have shut down. Dealing with more out of country problems, 20 percent of the food comes from out of country resources including Asia, and Europe. 

With the spreading of the virus being unknown, the food industry is making fast changes in how they obtain and release their products. As of right now, they are okay, but in future means, serious problems may come about with the food industry. We need to make sure we are all staying safe, indoors, and trying our hardest to stay away from others in order to stop this from spreading even more. 

With this time being stuck at home it has really given time to realize to not take anything for granted, and that there are more problems coming with this virus than just you getting sick. This virus really impacts everyone around the world.