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Image commemorating our amazing educators and teachers for all their hardwork.

Teacher Appreciation Week

NAEye features student-submitted messages of admiration for NAI's teachers.

As we sit at home, school as we knew it is unrecognizable. We wake up and roll out of bed to hop onto a Blackboard Online Meeting and read lesson plans for our classes. Then, spend the rest of the day completing assignments and taking tests to finish out the rest of the year.

None of this would be possible, however, without the other side of the screen – our teachers.

Teachers — the unsung heroes of our entire childhood. Not only do they help our minds grow and learn, they brighten our days. They inspire, create, and assist to so many children — beyond what many do in their own lifetime.

No matter what, a teacher is there to help, care, and provide students the best education and life at schools. They push us to our limits and show us a place of belonging. They make us feel okay.

But there is always that one teacher. The one who never fails to plaster a great big smile on your face, make you belly laugh, give you the A you deserve, or maybe just make you feel at home. That’s what makes a great teacher — the ones who connect deeper and go beyond the classroom.

I touch the future. I teach.”

— Christa McAuliffe

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We are all coming together to celebrate teachers who give their all every single day.

We are acknowledging the ones who are always kind to us, who are passionate and hardworking for their dreams. The ones who are so selfless in preparing all of us for life. Their unconditional support and love for imagination.

The kind of back-breaking, day-in-and-day-out work that we all see in our educators cannot be disregarded. We must all be grateful and band together to give a huge thank you. Without them, generations would be robbed of an education, a life.

Below are messages from NAI students for their favorite teachers thanking them for going above and beyond their expectations and letting them be the best that they can be. Each day this week there will be another round of teachers, complete with their own submitted photo. Check back daily for more!!

Mr. Anticole
Ms. Grace
Mr. Zavacky
Mrs. Gibson
Mr. Funka
Mr. Moore
Magistra Block
Herr Demkee
Mrs. Scholtz
Mrs. Schott
Mr. Coleman
Mrs. Steele
Mrs. Pitaro
Ms. Grecco
Mr. Ringer
Mrs. Kuehn
Mrs. Lynch
Ms. Schulte
Mr. Geibel
Ms. Kay
Ms. Cribbs
Mrs. Ferruchie
Mrs. Watt
Mr. Paylo
Dr. Gallo
Mrs. Lang
Dr. Morrow
Mrs. Holland
Mrs. Byrnes
Mr. Banks
Mrs. Gwaltney
Mrs. Feliciani
Mrs. Progar
Mr. Downs
Mrs. Fochler
Senora Haller
Mr. Hull
Mr. Reck
Mrs. Bailey
Mr. Slayton
Mrs. Clawson
Mr. McClain
Mrs. Gatesman
Mrs. Becker
Mr. Bockoven
Mrs. Schoenfeld
Mrs. Liebenguth
Mr. Jorden
Senora Febbraro
Mrs. Jones
Mr. McNavage
Mr. Dresmich
Mrs. Beresford
Mrs. Comas
Mr. Solenday
Mrs. Donato
Mr. Lamm
Mrs. Ewing
Mrs. Majors
Mr. Love
Dr. Hedderman
Senora Mantella
Mrs. Hulme
Mrs. Logan
Mrs. Crapis
Mr. Winschel
Mr. Bower
Mrs. Pontiere
Mr. Hildenbrand
Ms. Dixon
Mrs. Witt
Mrs. Hunt
Mrs. Pavely
Dr. Morey

Mr. Baldanzi

"He is amazing. I look forward to his class every day. He makes every day better. I feel like I could talk to him if I needed help." Ben Miller, Sophomore "Mr. B has given me opportunities to grow as both a musician and a person. He allowed me to play solos in jazz band and encouraged me to try out for honors bands. Mr. Baldanzi also introduced me to more of the jazz world which I may end up stu...

Mr. Brinkley

"He sent me cheat cheats with all of my work that was due for the week. It was helpful." Natee Lewis, Freshman

Mr. Butler

"He's not a teacher but when I first transferred to NAI he made me feel so welcomed and made sure that I could ask him anything. It's made me feel so comfortable with going to a different school in the middle of the year knowing that I had people I could talk to" Samantha Baranoff, Sophomore "Everyone is scared to go to highschool. This man makes it so much easier to walk in with confidence. He's really, REALLY patient, and sees students as individuals, n...

Mr. Deaugustino

"He has made this Remote learning, nice and simple, but educational as well." Olivia Gonzalez, Freshman  

Mr. Harsch

"Mr. Harsch has been such a sweet teacher this whole year and truly cares about all of his students and hopes for the best for all of them. He makes the best out of any situation and always comes up with the best labs for his classes." Maisy Wadlow, Sophomore "I appreciate Mr. Harsch because he is SO funny plus he's been really helpful and understanding during this whole remote learning mess. M...

Mr. Howell

"He just a great teacher that I feel like is real with his students." Ethan Wagner, Sophomore "Mr. Howell always knew how to cheer me on to do my best and knew which funny jokes to start the class." Gabby Jay, Sophomore "A great teacher and always listens to what you have to say." Ella Hohman, Sophomore

Mrs. Johnson

"She helped me keep distractions at a minimum during her class." Natee Lewis, Freshman

Mrs. Kish

"She always put a smile on my face!" Chloee Hoke, Freshman

Mr. Lauster

"I appreciate Mr. Lauster because he has helped me get a better understanding of electronics like robotics and game development. I love these classes and I am grateful that we can still do them during this time." Joshua Koontz, Freshman

Madame Mangan

"I had Madame for two years and she's just awesome. She understands her students and is always there to talk." Jamey Simon, Sophomore "Madame has made me love French and want to go to France someday. Every morning this year I would always look forward to going into her classroom because she is so kind and always makes class fun. She also will help you with anything you might need. Madame has...

Ms. McGuire

"Ms. McGuire has been a great orchestra teacher who always has a very clear layout of her lessons. We started with the basics and worked our way up in a music piece, but we never did this to an extreme as to feel that we weren't getting enough playing time. I have enjoyed the other activities we have done in class besides typical playing, too. And of course, she has been gracious enough to let us have...

Mr. Mooney

"This teacher has impacted the way I learn English. He gets a lot of philosophy going on which makes it more fun. And instead of teaching alone, he also asks us questions frequently on intriguing ideas." Akshay Balaji, Sophomore...

Mr. Rak

"Mr. Rak makes English class an environment where each student can grow as readers, writers, and thinkers. Mr. Rak engages every student and inspires them to analyze the world around them in great detail. In his class, 40 minutes go by in a flash. He has helped me find my passion for creating, communicating, and interpreting." Cate Maldia, Freshman

Mr. Rylands

"He is a very good math teacher and keeps it 100% real with his students. I know that he cares deeply about all of his students and never fails to make us laugh. Thank you Mr. Rylands!" Jamey Simon, Sophomore "Algebra 2 was like none other. Mr. Rylands and his ability to make jokes kept me going through the day freshman year. From Christopher Columbus not discovering America to smallerizing ...

Mr. Stefko

"He thoughtfully plans out his lessons and I always enjoyed coming to his class. His class makes me want to learn and I was very fortunate to have him as a teacher this year." Madyson Cieszynski, Sophomore "He has been the most down to earth teacher. He will tell us any of the recent news, he will help us with any problem. He knows when he can joke and when he needs to be serious. He is definitely...

Mrs. Talhouk

"Thank you for being a great English teacher and being one of the most supportive and encouraging teachers I have ever had!" Joshua Barnhart, Sophomore "I consider Mrs. Talhouk like my school mom. She is probably the most caring and compassionate teacher I've ever had. I can tell that she truly cares for her students and her job as an educator. I feel like I can always talk to her about anythi...

Mrs. Trice

"Mrs. Trice is the most willing to have fun. Although her class is hard, it feels like she is rooting for you to do well." David Shi, Freshman "Mrs. Trice has impacted me in a way that no other teacher can. She cares about each and every one of her students, and it's really easy to talk to her about anything. I truly appreciate everything she has done for me." Jenny Li, Freshman "She has...

Mr. Zebley

"He helped me many times when I needed help." Natee Lewis, Freshman

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