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Rose, Bud, and Thorn

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” - Robert H. Schuller, Speaker and Author

The chaotic year of 2020 has come to an end, and we have the new year ahead. During the craziness of 2020, we have experienced the good and the bad. We can look forward to the new year because every new year comes with a new beginning or fresh start.

We can take this time to reflect on how we have grown, gain wisdom from our experiences, appreciate the simple things in life, and look forward to new adventures in 2021. What better way to express this through an activity called rose, bud, and thorn.

The rose explains the positive that has happened in 2020, and the thorn describes the negative of 2020. The bud shows what we look forward to in 2021. Here, we can dive into the insights the members of NAI have encountered.


Mr. Lamm

9th Grade Student

Rose: I have picked up many new skills like knitting, sewing, and cooking! I also polished up my painting skills. I even started selling clothes and commissions. Bud: I am looking forward to interning with my mom over the summer doing interior design, starting to make my own clothes, and trying to make sculptures. Thorn: My grandpa, who lives with me, was diagnosed with cancer. So, I haven’t bee...

Kathryn Karl
Mrs. Colleen Burg
Jennifer Schulte
Caitlin Ewing
Aditi Vaidya
Avery Neely
Miss Grecco

10th Grade Student

Rose: My favorite part of 2020 was being able to learn about myself. Since I had so much time, I found new hobbies and decided who my true friends are. Bud: I’m looking forward to getting my driver’s license so I can be more independent. Thorn: My least favorite part of 2020 was having to do school from home. It wasn’t easy for me at first, and it took a lot of time to adjust....

9th Grade Student

Rose: Improving my physical health. Bud: I have hope for the vaccine. Thorn: Not being able to see extended family.

Dana Pitell
Avery Butcher
Dr. Morrow
Brendan White

9th Grade Student

Rose: I got to compete in my first gymnastic meets.  Bud: I’m looking forward to the summer of 2021. Thorn: Our school shutting down, and I had to finish off my last middle school year without seeing my friends and do school by myself.  

9th Grade Student

Rose: Going on vacation with my best friend. Bud: Summer because I had a great summer in 2020. Thorn: The lockdown March-May because I had lots of anxiety and couldn’t see anyone. 

Melanie Lynch

9th Grade English Teacher

Rose: It has been good spending quality time with immediate family. Bud: I'm looking forward to items getting somewhat back to normal later in the year, so hopefully we can meet with friends or go out to a restaurant. Thorn: I miss socializing with my friends.  

10th Grade Student

Rose: It was very nice being able to reflect on myself and my life with the time that we had to spend at home. It gave me a chance to think about my future and what I want to be doing. Bud: I’m looking forward to COVID-19 hopefully coming to a close, and being able to surround myself with people once again.  Thorn: Being isolated from my friends, family, and people in general was very diffic...

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