Personality types: often overlooked and under-analyzed

Erica Negrini and Abby Kachur

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January 22, 2018

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There are two major personality types. Introverted personalities and Extroverted personalities.

People who have introverted personality types tend to be a bit quieter. They don’t crave social interaction and actually find it quite draining. Introverted people find a need for solitude and a much slower and focused communication style.

On the other hand, people who have an extroverted personality tend to be rather outgoing. Extroverts don’t enjoy spending time alone and gain energy from being social and spending time with others. While introverts tend to be more on the quiet side, extroverts enjoy talking about their feelings and thoughts.

That got us thinking. Is class different for introverts and extroverts? So, we decided to write about what it’s like in class with their respective personality types.


I have been the one to yell “They’re not here!” when the substitute has called out role. I have accidentally been the cause of multiple people being marked absent when indeed, they are sitting right beside me. I have also been asked to repeat Maddie’s answers to the teacher because she so quiet.

Being an extrovert just comes naturally to me. It comes naturally to others as well, but not all extroverts start as extroverts. Not everyone needs to BE an extrovert. Being one just makes certain classes easier.

I do not worry or think about what others say or think about me. The only things I think about are assignments and lessons. Some people worry about people liking them, so they may not branch out to have relationships with other students. School to me is a normal occurrence where I do not have to worry about other students affecting what goes on in my school day.

Most people who are louder and more outspoken answer questions with a normal speaking voice. They do not lower their voice just because they are unsure of the answer they have. This shows that most people who are outspoken tend to have more confidence. This is not always the case, but most extroverts tend to have more confidence than introverts.

Being an extrovert is not always the best. However, sometimes being less outspoken and on the quieter side pays off. The quiet people in class seem to rarely cause disruptions or get into trouble. Almost every person who is scolded by a teacher during class is one of the louder students. I am guilty of this as well as many others.

In conclusion, while being an extrovert might make participation in class and social interactions easier, sometimes it is better to lean towards the introvert side of things.


I hate the idea of having to be social and the idea of parties makes me want to shove my head in one of my brother’s gym shoes. I’m rather quiet. Teachers have marked me absent during attendance because I didn’t say “here” loud enough. I’ve also been in that situation where I’ll answer the question and the teacher asks me to repeat myself several times.

To say that it isn’t awkward to have to repeat yourself or correct the teacher would be an understatement. I’ve actually been marked absent and then had to go up to the substitute teacher and tell her that she marked me absent. All she did was tell me to speak up.

While I realize that I should speak louder when the teacher is struggling with attendance or when I’m the one that gets called on to answer the question in class I often find that no matter what I do, I just can’t win.

My volume in class really depends on the topic that we’re learning. If it is a topic that I’m confident in, like English or History I tend to volunteer more. However, in subjects like Math and Science I tend to be a bit quieter. Also, if I have friends in that class I tend to be a bit louder.

But despite my volume and lack of participation, I always feel slightly looked over in class. I mean no disrespect by saying this but, teachers tend to choose the loud and extroverted kids to answer a question even when the quiet kid raises their hand. The lack of recognition tends to make me feel like they wouldn’t call on me even if I did raise my hand.

I also have this terrorizing fear of answering a question wrong in class. I don’t know why but if I even remotely second guess my answer, I will not raise my hand. I don’t know why but the idea of answering a question wrong is worse than the idea of me actually leaving the house on a Friday night.

Even though all of these things might sound like struggles, there are some definite perks to being an Introvert.

For example, when you’re quiet, people always assume that you have nothing to say so when you win a game or you answer a really hard question right, everyone is so surprised. Unless they ask who the person that won the game was.

In the end, I don’t think that it is necessarily a bad thing to be a quiet introvert. It might make class slightly more difficult, but I don’t think that being loud and extroverted is anything better.


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