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The Student News Site of North Allegheny Intermediate High School

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The Student News Site of North Allegheny Intermediate High School

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North Alleghenys calendar for the 2024-25 school year features key changes.
NA Approves New 2024 School Calendar

The North Allegheny School board recently approved the new calendar for the 2024-2025 school year and it might be a little bit different than...

This is what most stores and malls look like during the Christmas season, which seems to start earlier every year.
Christmas Advertising Begins Earlier and Earlier

The holiday season is upon us. Halloween and Thanksgiving are over and Christmas and New Years are in the near future. But it seems as if Christmas...

Lack of sleep can have significant impacts on the brain, something that high school students are expected to use daily.
Sleeping Patterns in High School

School has started up again, forcing students to get back to their sleep schedule for school. But waking up early after staying up late isn’t...

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Hallmark movies are known for their festive, heart warming films.
A Very Hallmark Christmas
Kyle Byrne, Staff Writer • December 21, 2023

Hallmark Channel’s predictable cheesy romance movies fill people’s TV screens every holiday season. But why do people continue to watch them if they know what to expect? How does Hallmark bring the holiday spirit to people’s lives each year? Every season it seems...

Christmas movies are a great way to bring the family together over the holidays.
Top 10 Christmas Movies
Addey Kane, Staff Writer • December 18, 2023

‘Tis the season to be jolly and to watch Christmas movies. However, which ones are the best to watch during the Christmas season? In my opinion,...

Bilingualism proves to have multiple pros and cons.
Does Being Bilingual Help Academic Performance?
Kyle Byrne, Staff Writer • December 12, 2023

Do students who speak one language at home and a different one in school have a “leg-up” on their fellow classmates? Scientists and researchers...

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In Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare presents a twisted version of what romance is meant to be.
Sorry, English Teachers. Romeo & Juliet is Overrated
Karthik Ramadugu, Staff Writer • January 30, 2024

Shakespeare is one of the most influential people on Earth. He introduced over 1,700 words in the English language and inspired many books and movies like The Hunger Games, The Lion King, West Side Story,...

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The NBAs In-Season Tournament featured special courts as part of the break from the regular season games.
NBA Succeeds With In-Season Tournament
Jordan Smith, Writer • January 11, 2024

The NBA has wrapped up their inaugural in-season tournament, with the Los Angeles Lakers winning it all. This tournament, which was viewed initially as a cash grab, has become what many have seen as a...

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The Annual Grammy Awards are mean to recognize the most deserving recording artists... but do they?
Should vs Will Win at Grammys
Faith Myers, Staff Writer • January 22, 2024

The Grammys have claimed that their awards aren’t based on popularity but rather quality, but based on some past winners that does not always appear to be true. The 2024 nominees have come out, so here’s...

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