Homecoming Proposals 2017

Students' creativity is put to the test

October 2, 2017

Sophomore Tyler Lamark asks Jeannie Schleppy, who participates in track, with a sign saying, "A thought has been running through my mind. Homecoming?"

It has been a tradition at North Allegheny to come up with special ways to ask someone to the annual homecoming dance, but in recent years, students have become more and more creative with their proposals

When walking around North Allegheny Intermediate High School during the months of September and October, it is almost impossible to not overhear news about homecoming proposals. Phrases that flood the halls include, “How did they ask?”, “That was adorable!”, and “Have you been asked yet?”.


“I feel like the majority of people are pressured to be the most creative with their proposals.” ”

— Rachel Tian


Time, creativity, and planning are essential for these proposals and often times, they pay off.


Most proposals include a well thought-out sign along with a bouquet of flowers. Chris Hanlon, sophomore, reveals, “I started by talking to Kylie’s [Wadlow] close friends. I asked them what her favorite things were and pudding happened to be one of them. That how I got my idea.”


Several other sophomores state that they feel as if they are obligated to come up with the “best” or “cutest” way of asking their date to homecoming. Rachel Tian adds, “I feel like the majority of people are pressured to be the most creative with their proposals.”


Similarly, Lainy Johnston was asked by her boyfriend of 6 months, Ryan Leonard, while working out at her dance studio.  Ryan bravely barged through the doors with a handful of flowers and a sign from their favorite movie, High School Musical.  All of the other girls in Lainy’s dance class promptly screamed their excitement as Ryan popped the big question.  

For some, most of the fun is in asking a date to go to the dance.


The dance was held on October 7, 2017 in the NAI lower gymnasium.

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