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NAI helps schools in Houston rebuild after Hurricane Harvey

October 5, 2017

North Allegheny Intermediate High School’s Student and Class Councils are teaming up to start a fundraiser to collect money for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This massive storm hit the East coast of Texas on August 25, 2017 and lasted until September 3, 2017.


Originating in the Gulf of Mexico, Harvey was labeled as a category 3 hurricane with 130 mile-per-hour winds. Since this destructive hurricane leveled many parts of Texas, North Allegheny Intermediate is stepping up to help out.


There are  many ways that students can participate in this fundraiser going on around the school. The first, and most popular way students can contribute is by stopping at either of the two donation tables located in front of the main office and outside the cafeteria, during which time students can purchase Homecoming tickets. 20 percent of the homecoming tickets will be going toward the fundraiser.


To gather more information about the fundraiser, NAEye interviewed Mrs. Hunt, a teacher NAI. Behind Mrs. Hunt’s efforts, students have helped to organize this fundraiser with the help of Student Council and Class Council. 


Mrs. Hunt added that the best way to contribute to the fund is to buy paper links ($1 each) to build a chain around the school.  Students are able to personalize their individual links with inspirational messages and words. 


When asked about the fundraiser’s goal, Mrs. Hunt responded, “ [to] try to raise as much money as we can. Also, we are in a competition with Mount Lebanon and would be thrilled to beat them”.


The money collected in this fundraiser will be provided to a families in the Houston area affected by the hurricane. 


The school district will use the money to rebuild and a new and improved school that was hit by disaster.


Unlike the other fundraisers, the money that we collect isn’t going to the North Allegheny sports or school; rather, it will be used for a nation-wide project.


 Mrs. Hunt urges students to participate in the Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser. The fundraiser will last for the duration of the entire first semester. Go buy your links!

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