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People fleeing from the conflict to escape horrible living conditions.

Forgotten Wars: The Sudanese Civil War

Karthik Ramadugu, Staff Writer May 29, 2024

Ramadan is supposed to be a time where communities come together and celebrate but this was not the case in Sudan. In 2023, during Ramadan two rival factions started a civil war and no one is talking about...

There are a lot of new, unexpected, and anticipated aspects of the games to take place over the moneth-long spectacle.

Upcoming 2024 Olympics

Kyle Byrne and Alicia Gasana May 21, 2024

The 2024 Summer Olympics, hosted in Paris, France is running from July 26 to August 11. There are a lot of new, unexpected, and anticipated aspects of the games to take place over the month-long spectacle.   ...

The people of Burma protesting in the street demanding that the military government to back down.

Forgotten Wars: The Burmese Civil War

Karthik Ramadugu, Writer February 27, 2024

What were we doing in 2021? 2021 was a forgettable year because a lot of nothing happened, or that's what we think. On May 5, 2021 Burma split into half causing a civil war. This civil war is unknown to...

Hallmark movies are known for their festive, heart warming films.

A Very Hallmark Christmas

Kyle Byrne, Staff Writer December 21, 2023

Hallmark Channel’s predictable cheesy romance movies fill people’s TV screens every holiday season. But why do people continue to watch them if they know what to expect? How does Hallmark bring the...

Christmas movies are a great way to bring the family together over the holidays.

Top 10 Christmas Movies

Addey Kane, Staff Writer December 18, 2023

‘Tis the season to be jolly and to watch Christmas movies. However, which ones are the best to watch during the Christmas season? In my opinion, the next ten are the ones to watch because of the comedic...

Bilingualism proves to have multiple pros and cons.

Does Being Bilingual Help Academic Performance?

Kyle Byrne, Staff Writer December 12, 2023

Do students who speak one language at home and a different one in school have a “leg-up” on their fellow classmates? Scientists and researchers have been asking themselves this question for a while...

The battle between the stigma that surrounds mental health and struggling without support continues to be an issue among high school students.

Couselors’ New Approach to Addressing Mental Health

Alicia Gasana, Staff Writer December 1, 2023

A growth in mental health concerns among teens has created an ever-growing epidemic. Without schools addressing the severity of mental health disorders, the stigma surrounding them will continue to stop...

Threads set records for user sign-ups in its first week.

X vs. Threads: The Takeover

Kyle Byrne, Writer October 12, 2023

Threads, the newly developed microblogging service from Meta, is paving the way to a new era of social media with its highly anticipated release and leaves X, formerly known as Twitter, in the dust as...

One of the ASML machines that make semiconductors. These machines can not be sold in China.

Inside the Chip War

Karthik Ramadugu, Staff Writer October 4, 2023

A new cold war has started, and it all has to do with computer chips. China and the West are in a new match, and they will go to their absolute limits just so their opponents won’t get an advantage. The...

Ms. Hannah Deichler is excited to join the English Department at NAI.

New Teacher: Ms. Deichler

Addey Kane, Staff Writer September 21, 2023

NAI hired a new English teacher with warm and welcoming arms, and her name is Ms. Hannah Deichler. Many students were puzzled to find that their English teacher this year was Deichler. Students had asked...

Jason Grilli, a former Pittsburgh Pirates closer, has his jerseys mounted on his wall by Wexford Handyman.

Small Business Spring Up in Aftermath of COVID

Levi Parrott, Staff Writer May 19, 2023

Andrew Parrott, who is a senior managing partner and senior project manager of Wexford Handyman Company , shared some insight of how during covid, he switched from working at PNC bank, then Edward Jones,...

Behind the Scenes of Mr. Sable

Behind the Scenes of Mr. Sable

Sarina Luke, Staff Writer May 17, 2023

Among the sea of new faces that populate the halls of NAI every year, there are also new teachers.  Many, like new Choral teacher Bryan Sable, have interesting backstories about their life before they...

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