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Distracted: 2048, Tetris, Cuphead or Study?

Part of our segment on student stress, NAEye takes a look at a common distraction

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The vast majority of students play games or do homework during class when the teacher is teaching. It can be challenging to avoid distractions when all you have to do is open up a game, and play it.

Even though playing games in class is something most of students are guilty of, we were wondering what the breakdown of class games is. What are teacher’s rules against playing games in class, and what games are played most frequently during class time?

For this article, students and teachers were interviewed about their opinions on video games.  We asked the teachers the same questions regarding video games. The first teacher we interviewed is Mr. Geibel, the second is Madame Mangan. We then asked students from a class to take a survey of different questions regarding the same topic.

First, we asked the students if they play games during class.  

NAEye took a survey of  students and asked them various questions relating to their gaming habits during class.

45.2% of the students surveyed said that they do not play games in class.

Do you play games often during class?

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Of the students that admitted to playing video games in class, some of the most popular games mentioned were: Tetris, 2048, and Pokémon.

So why are students playing games instead of paying attention in class?

Many of the students that were asked this question had very similar answers. Many said that students play games because they are bored and that anything else would be more interesting than what the teacher is talking about.

“Often times, classes do not excite kids, but games do,” says a Freshman at NAI.

Many students that were surveyed believe that even if access to video games were cut off in class, they would still be distracted. However, instead of playing games they would be talking to their friends and disrupting the class.

The teachers have two options, allow the students to play games in class silently, or don’t allow them to play games but have them talk and disrupt class for everyone else.

The teachers were then asked what they are doing to combat students playing video games in class.

The first question that was asked is what the teacher’s  protocol for when they catch students playing games in class is.

Out of the  students surveyed, 54.8% said that they believe that students do play video games in class.”

Mr. Geibel answered, “If I see someone playing games, I try to redirect them to what we are doing in class. A verbal reminder of what the class is talking about.”

Madame Mangan answered, “I ask students to please stop and remind the student that the purpose of the computers is not to play games, but to enhance the curriculum.”

Teachers have their own individualized protocol against students playing video games in class. The teachers also said that the game that is played the most in their classes is Tetris.

But all this talk about students playing video games has left the students wondering what teachers opinions on video games are outside of school.

“Outside of school, I was never one that was that interested in video games. Then again, when I was growing up video games were 24-bit games like Pac-Man.” Geibel answered.

Mangan answered, “I think that playing games is fine if they are age appropriate and screen time is limited. I know that some people use video games as a way to relax.”

Overall, teachers seem to not completely dislike video games in the classroom, however, they do believe that it sometimes hinders the learning process. At least they allow students to de-stress and incorporate it into their learning techniques.

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Distracted: 2048, Tetris, Cuphead or Study?