Boredom Busters

100 things to do while in quarantine.

  1. Paint. Let your imagination run wild.
  2. Bake something. Don’t forget any ingredients!
  3. Learn to juggle. Maybe juggle some apples.
  4. Organize something. You will feel so much better.
  5. Clean out your closet. Out with the old, in with the new.
  6. Have a photoshoot. Unleash your inner model.
  7. Complete a puzzle. Unless there is a missing piece. In that case, you’ll never be able to finish it.
  8. Clean your room. We all know it is a pigsty.
  9. Paint your nails. Why go to a nail salon, when you can do it yourself.
  10. Learn a new language. Go to Duolingo and you’re set.
  11. Call a friend. You can be bored together.
  12. Exercise. The perfect time to get into shape.
  13. Make a friendship bracelet. Make one for your friend too!
  14. Go for a walk. Take a break and get some fresh air.
  15. Make a memory box. A great way to remember your proudest moments.
  16. Online Shop. You might as well… since the stores are closed.
  17. Make a new playlist. Jam out!
  18. Dance like nobody’s watching. (maybe to that playlist you just made)
  19. Watch a movie. Bust out the popcorn and candy.
  20. Doodle. A great way to calm yourself.
  21. Binge watch your favorite tv show. Be careful, you might spend hours on netflix.
  22. Journal. Release all of your thoughts onto a few pages.
  23. Meditate. “ohm, ohm, ohm.”
  24. Have a spa day. Pamper yourself. You deserve it.
  25. Learn calligraphy. You friends and family will be impressed.
  26. Write a short story. Impress you English teacher with your writing skills.
  27. Experiment with new hairstyles. The french braid, dutch braid, waterfall braid, and so many more.
  28. Make a list of things you are grateful for. This is an important thing, especially in a time like this.
  29. Make a tik tok. Who knows! It might go viral.
  30. Memorize the periodic table. You chemistry teacher would be proud.
  31. Teach your dog a trick. Maybe how to shake.
  32. Sleep. All day, every day.
  33. Try out a new makeup look. Find your inner artist.
  34. Make a bucket list. Maybe one day you’ll be able to check everything off.
  35. Read the newspaper. Maybe take a look at the comics, while you’re at it.
  36. Read a book. A nice way to immerse yourself into a whole new world for a few hours.
  37. Rearrange the furniture in your room. Switch things up a bit!
  38. Play an instrument. You just might have found your new hobby.
  39. Create your own scrapbook. A way to look back at all the memories you’ve made.
  40. Do yoga. Namaste.
  41. Take a bubble bath. Don’t overflow the tub with bubbles!
  42. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Pure beauty.
  43. Write a letter to your future self. You might surprise your future self.
  44. Start a DIY project. It can be anything! Let your imagination run wild.
  45. Play a board game. Get your whole family involved.
  46. Cook a meal. You might be the next Bobby Flay.
  47. Build a fort. Find your inner child.
  48. Listen to a podcast. Podcasts are a great way to learn more about a topic. Check out some of the podcasts on!
  49. Go for a bike ride. A way to get outside and feel the wind rush through your hair.
  50. Send a handwritten note to a family member or friend. This is a great way to spread kindness.
  51. Make a vision board. Plan your future!
  52. Plan a party. Grab all the snacks and decorations you can find.
  53. Plan the guest list for that party. Invite your friends and family!
  54. Write with your non-dominant hand. After a while, you’ll start to get the hang of it.
  55. Start a garden. Watch your plants grow a little taller everyday.
  56. Clean out your camera roll. It’s nice to feel organized.
  57. Watch a TED Talk. You learn something new everyday.
  58. Update your resume. Keep updating it as you achieve new goals.
  59. Stretch. All that binge watching can make you stiff.
  60. Look through old photos. Reminisce on the good old days.
  61. Educate yourself on a topic. There is other stuff besides coronavirus going on.
  62. Get lost on Pinterest. There’s no better way to get inspiration!
  63. Stargaze. You’d be surprised how big the universe is.
  64. Climb a tree. See how high you can climb.
  65. Do a random act of kindness. You can make someone’s day, with a simple smile.
  66. Go for a run. Let all of your stress melt away.
  67. Fly a kite. Make sure it is windy outside first.
  68. Go for a scenic drive. Get out of the house for a bit.
  69. Take online quizzes. A fun way to pass the time.
  70. Make a video for Youtube. You might become famous!
  71. Trace your ancestry. Find out more about your roots.
  72. Wash the car. It’s beginning to feel like summer already.
  73. Throw a frisbee. You’d be six feet apart, right?
  74. Dye your hair a crazy color. Nobody is going to see you anyway.
  75. Take a minute to just breathe. Relax and calm yourself down.
  76. Watch some Tik Toks. Be careful, you might be entranced for hours.
  77. Create a self-love list. This is the perfect time to reflect.
  78. Eat a snack. Yummy!!
  79. Watch a documentary. You might learn something!
  80. Lay in the sun. Get that tan on (don’t forget your sunscreen!)
  81. Write a play. Who knows, it might be performed up on stage one day.
  82. Make a list of all the places you want to travel to. Traveling the streets of Paris sounds pretty good right now.
  83. Look through your old yearbooks. A way to reflect on your childhood.
  84. Hold a staring contest. Try it with your pet.
  85. See how long you can hold your breath. But don’t hold it for too long.
  86. Annoy a sibling. They started it!
  87. Research your zodiac sign. Their actually highly accurate.
  88. Learn how to drive. You better have your permit.
  89. Recite the ABC’s backwards. Bet you can’t do it.
  90. Count to the highest number that you can. Type how far you got in the comments.
  91. Clean out/organize your Google Drive. You’ll thank yourself later.
  92. Write a poem. Your a poet and you didn’t even know it!
  93. Plan your outfits for the week. A nice way to be organized.
  94. Make a “to-do” list. Make the most out of your day.
  95. Talk in an accent. Challenge yourself and see how long you can keep it going.
  96. Lay in bed all day. We all need a day like this sometimes.
  97. Pop bubble wrap. Why not…right?
  98. Put on a facemask. A nice way to relax.
  99. On second thought, don’t actually put a facemask on. You’d be touching your face.
  100. Practice social distancing. No, really please stay away from other people.