Marissa Granite

Collage of images representing North Allegheny Intermediate High School for ninth and tenth graders.

Goodbye, NAI

Students express their admiration for NAI along with disappointments in leaving school early.

Marissa Granite

Marissa Granite, Co-Editor-In-Chief

March eleventh was the last day I felt “normal.” My long-awaited trip to Disney World for band was canceled along with a multitude of school-related activities, trips, and sports. Everyone was off. I remember tapping through what felt like hundreds of private Snapchat stories of my friends crying and feeling the same disheartening feelings that I felt. I spent the whole Wednesday night tex...

Jess Daninhirsch

Jess Daninhirsch, Co-Editor-In-Chief

All hope that we were still holding out to see our favorite teachers and best friends once more is officially gone. Nothing will ever be the same. The next time I go to school, I will be a junior. At NASH. I never expected that when I left school for the day on March eleventh that it would be the last time I walked out of NAI as a student.  Today, April ninth, Governor Tom Wolf announced that all Pennsyl...

Samantha Podnar

Samantha Podnar, Guest Writer

NAI was a place of mixed emotions. From the dread of an upcoming test to the infectious laughter in the company of friends, the crowded halls and classrooms were always swirling with liveliness. NAI was a melting pot of the human experience, a jumble of happiness and anxiety and everything in between. When we were there, things felt real. That building is more than just brick and mortar; it is the fri...

Emily Gierczynski

Emily Gierczynski, Staff Writer

Our time together was cut oh so short. Walking in as a freshman, leaving as a sophomore.  But, when I think of the memories I’ve made and how much I have accomplished, it makes saying goodbye a little bit easier.  Walking through the doors on my first day of high school was terrifying, but little did I know what you had in store for me. From experiencing my first high school dance to being ele...

Anthony Durzo

Anthony Durzo, News Editor

The Summer of 2018 was three months of anxiety and knotted stomachs, when the thought of starting high-school and going to a new school would quickly maneuver into my crowded mind at most random parts of the day. I didn’t know what to expect. Was the work going to be more difficult? Is it going to be easier or harder with many new kids? Will I like the teachers and staff? All those questions woul...

Emma Scott

Emma Scott, Staff Writer

I jumped up and down in the Help Desk office when the announcement was made that school was cancelled for two weeks. In the classroom across the hall students cheered and celebrated.  It was going to be a much needed “break” - or so everyone thought. March is one of the most notorious months of the school year in terms of difficulty. It's been too long since winter break and it is not close enoug...

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