Emily Gierczynski

Written 4/19

Our time together was cut oh so short. Walking in as a freshman, leaving as a sophomore. 

But, when I think of the memories I’ve made and how much I have accomplished, it makes saying goodbye a little bit easier. 

Walking through the doors on my first day of high school was terrifying, but little did I know what you had in store for me. From experiencing my first high school dance to being elected secretary of the NAI Key Club, the memories are never-ending.

…not even a virus can take away the memories that were made.”

The little things are what made NAI that much more special. Getting ice cream with my bio class freshman year, meeting so many new people, and seeing the smiling faces of the staff every morning. I am going to miss seeing the stunning murals in the hallways, the spacious courtyards, and I will, of course, miss the long walk to get from one end of the school to the other. I will never take these for granted again. 

They say high school is supposed to be the best time of your life, and although my last year at NAI was cut short, nothing in the world, not even a virus can take away the memories that were made.

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