School in 2020: Masks, Social Distancing, Hybrid

We never would have guessed that school would look like this. Considering the circumstances, all has gone well



A new year, a new challenge: North Allegheny students adopt to new requirements in the age of COVID-19 learning

As we all know, this school year has been very different. The coronavirus has affected the school year drastically. In school students, staff, and teachers have to wear masks at all times, everything needs to be cleaned multiple times a day, and have to stay at least 6 feet away from everyone. I got my fellow classmates to share how they feel about going to school during this hard time.

This year many students decided to attend online school instead of coming into school. I asked them a few questions about how they feel not being at school.

How are the teachers?

 “The teachers are FANTASTIC, I can tell they are trying their best.” -Clare Scala

 “The teachers are helpful and understanding.” -Ava Malfregeot

Is it harder to learn online?

“It is challenging at times, but it’s fairly similar to real class and being in school.”-Clare Scala

“At times, more self-discipline is definitely needed.” -Ava Malfregeot

“I don’t think it is too hard if you don’t put the effort in though yes most definitely” -Talyson Mellott

Are the classes more challenging?

“The classes are pretty much the same. The only hard part is, if you have a question it’s hard to kind of convey what you are asking online.” -Clare Scala

“The classwork is about the same but not learning the information in person can be more difficult.” -Ava Malfregeot

“I think they’re just as hard but with a little more work.” -Talyson Mellott

 Do you feel like you are learning anything?

“I feel like I actually am learning stuff, I was worried about it, but as of right now it’s actually sticking pretty well with me.” -Clare Scala

“Yes I do like I am learning, it just takes more patience and on your own.” -Ava Malfregeot

 Do you like school being all online better?

“As of right now, I’m honestly starting to like It just as much, I really like the time that I wake up and I like being able to control when I eat among other things. I really do miss the social aspect of in-person school, but I have also maintained really good connections with my close friends so I feel like I haven’t lost much of that.” -Clare Scala

“Yes and no. I like that I can take naps during the day and I don’t have to wake up at 6, but also like to go in and socialize. But I’d rather do online than wear a mask all day and have to sit in the auditorium away from my friends to eat lunch.” -Talyson Mellott

After I asked all of the NACA students, I interviewed the hybrid students. These students go back to school either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday depending on their side of the alphabet. They had mixed reviews about attending school during this chaotic time.

Was it hard to start back at school after the long break of school? 

“Yes, it was hard to start school again after the break.” -Taylor Susich

“I did not find it hard to start school after the long break, if anything, I was super excited too. I did miss school a lot.” -Anna Mitterer

“It was hard to start back again. I feel like teachers are doing a good job at accommodating though.” -Izzy Teets

Did you miss school?

 “After having so much time off I fell in love with my new routines and certainly did not want to return to the stress of school.” -Taylor Susich

“As much as I hate to say it, I did miss it. However, I do the hybrid model.” -Izzy Teets

 How do you feel about masks?

 “If masks are the thing that keeps us in school then I have no complaints, but they can be annoying at times.” -Taylor Susich

“I don’t really notice my mask at all. They don’t really seem to bother me at all.” -Anna Mitterer

“I am not a fan of masks at all. Everyone is less social with them and we can do our normal things every day. Most of my friends are on the other side of the alphabet.” -Izzy Teets

 Do you like your classes? 

“I also feel like classes have been much more silent than usual, this may be because of masks.” -Taylor Susich

“They don’t really seem to bother me at all. I like most of my classes except when I can’t do them because of blackboard crashes.” -Anna Mitterer

“I despise the lunch situation because we cannot sit anywhere near our friends and it’s very hard to socialize. Lunch is the one place where you can chill and have fun but we can’t this year. I miss being able to chill in the halls with all my friends and having fun normal classes and lunches.” -Izzy Teets

Everyone has mixed emotions about school, but I think everyone is glad to be back. There will be ups and downs to this school year, but it is important to keep a good attitude. So far NAI students are doing a good job of persevering through the hard times.