On March 12 of last year, life was a normal day in most Americans’ lives. When March 13th hit, everything changed. Schools were shut, a state of emergency was called, and the idea of masks began to evolve. This was the main starting point of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From this point on, we have started to work our way into a new normalcy. The pandemic started with us locked in quarantine, and has been in the reopening phase with many restrictions due to the virus. 

Wearing masks has pretty much become a necessity everywhere we go.  Seeing half the faces of everybody you pass is now normal, but that doesn’t make it enjoyable. 

On December 9th, North Allegheny School district announced that the whole district would return into full remote learning. 

The fun things in our lives are constantly changing because of the guidelines of COVID-19. I asked some students a few questions about the things they miss in their normal life.

What is something you miss right now because of the restrictions?

“Playing volleyball normally, going to school normally, and singing in chorus class.” -Caroline Curran

“Eating at restaurants with friends and family.” -Maddy Kasunich

“I can’t play soccer.”-Olivia Murphy

“I miss volleyball and basketball a ton. Both club volleyball and high school basketball seasons just started and are delayed 3 weeks which is super frustrating and upsetting.”-Mia Tuman

What is one thing you can’t do because of COVID?

“Playing volleyball and going to school.” -Caroline Curran

“Play the sports I love, softball and figure skating.”-Maddy Kasunich

“I can’t go to soccer and I can’t go to school.” -Olivia Murphy

“I’m not able to see all of my friends at school.” -Mia Tuman

What are you doing to keep your life exciting during these hard times?

I’m baking lots of cookies and trying to hangout with friends and families as much as I can while being safe.”-Caroline Curran

“Spending time with family and hanging out with friends in small groups.”-Maddy Kasunich

“I hang out with my family and friends while staying safe.”-Olivia Murphy

“I have been doing virtual workouts for basketball and volleyball, lots of cooking, and sledding with the family.”-Mia Tuman