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How Teachers Feel about being Vaccinated?

Across the United States, teachers are finally able to get the COVID vaccinations. Here are some of the teachers’ responses on how they feel about being vaccinated and their opinions about the vaccinations.

Mrs. Watts

"I think it's a great thing for teachers to be offered the chance to be vaccinated..but for me personally since I am so close to having a baby, I don't want to get vaccinated because I don't think there is enough research yet for pregnant people. But, good for anyone who wants to do it."

Miss Grecco

Sr. Bova

"I got the vaccine already."


"I'm excited for the step toward getting this pandemic behind us."

Mr. Hull

9th Grade Social Studies Teacher

"Already vaccinated, that should answer your questions...I feel that it's a vital/intricate step in fully re-opening schools."

Sandra Crapis
Mr. Zielen
Traci DeGarmo

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