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Mallory Pisarcik, Staff Writer

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I have been the one to yell “They’re not here!” when the substitute has called out role. I have accidentally been the cause of multiple people being marked absent when indeed, they are sitting right beside me. I have also been asked to repeat Maddie’s answers to the teacher because she so quiet.

Being an extrovert just comes naturally to me. It comes naturally to others as well, but not all extroverts start as extroverts. Not everyone needs to BE an extrovert. Being one just makes certain classes easier.

I do not worry or think about what others say or think about me. The only things I think about are assignments and lessons. Some people worry about people liking them, so they may not branch out to have relationships with other students. School to me is a normal occurrence where I do not have to worry about other students affecting what goes on in my school day.

Most people who are louder and more outspoken answer questions with a normal speaking voice. They do not lower their voice just because they are unsure of the answer they have. This shows that most people who are outspoken tend to have more confidence. This is not always the case, but most extroverts tend to have more confidence than introverts.

Being an extrovert is not always the best. However, sometimes being less outspoken and on the quieter side pays off. The quiet people in class seem to rarely cause disruptions or get into trouble. Almost every person who is scolded by a teacher during class is one of the louder students. I am guilty of this as well as many others.

In conclusion, while being an extrovert might make participation in class and social interactions easier, sometimes it is better to lean towards the introvert side of things.

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