Timeless Tunes



People today are constantly listening to the newest songs that come out every month, but many forget the importance and unique style of songs from the past. To show our appreciation of older songs, we compiled a list of uncommon songs that we think are as beautiful as they are timeless.
We also included a radio station called Rhythm Sweet & Hot. It airs from 6-8pm on Saturdays, and it “captures the essence of musical culture from the 1920s to the 1940s”. If you are interested in listening to more of these types of songs that we have listed, Rhythm Sweet and Hot features similar songs from around this same time period. “Listeners hear the well known, big names of swing but are also able to discover the music of artists whose records ‘can’t be found at the local mall’”.
The more that our age group is exposed to this type of music they can learn to appreciate how different music was orchestrated and sang during that time. Even though some have no words, the melody and upbeat rhythm speak for itself.