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Crazy Bus Stories

From Entomophobia to Fergie's National Anthem, these stories are as entertaining as they are informative.

March 21, 2019

Everyone has at least one bus experience that’s abnormal or just makes them think “huh, you don’t see that every day”. Even if you try and mind your own business by not looking over the seat, it’s hard not to. It’s also hard not to tell someone else what happened, whether it’s about yourself or other people. Everyone has a crazy bus story to tell, and some students reached out to NAEYE to share theirs.

Buses are ready for another round of weird events.

Meg Patterson

Buses are ready for another round of weird events.

Homecoming Comes Early

“A few weeks before Homecoming, the boys on my bus were teasing each other about dancing with their dates. The conversation transitioned into a heated argument about where a guy puts his hands when dancing with a girl. No joke they were demonstrating it on each other as best they could while sitting down.”


Composting Apples

“I used to ride the bus with this kid who would take bagged apples from the cafeteria and throw them out the window and scream: ‘COMPOSTING!’”


The Bus Crashed

“There was this one time when I was in elementary school, we had a substitute bus driver, and he had no clue what the route was or what he was doing. So he was driving and he took a wrong turn, and he literally drove on top of a car, he smashed the whole car, everyone was crying, we all hit our heads off the window, we were all calling our mom, trying to get off the bus. It was the craziest thing ever. Later on, over the years, he later became my bus driver when I was in 5th grade.”

-Rachael Anderton

Ankle Grabbing

“I had a lot of crazy bus rides in elementary school, but there one was one reoccurring thing that kept happening. One of the boys in my grade would crawl under the seats, and he would grab people’s ankles on the bus. Basically, a lot of us sat with our feet on the seat because we were afraid he would pull them for a lot of the year.
Another thing that stuck out to me was that our bus driver had nicknames for some us, and one kid she called Elmo. Another kid she called *name* Junior (calling the second most misbehaving kid after the first).”


Banana Chucking

Once when I was on the bus in middle school, a child had finished eating a really disgusting banana. After conversing with his friends he decided it was a good idea to chuck it out the window. It never made it out the window, however, and I still don’t know where it went.”


Bus Surfing

It was in 5th grade, we had the best bus driver and if I remember correctly we called him Busdriver bill. We don’t know if he still works at NA but he just suddenly stopped showing up. Nonetheless, my friends and I got bored on the bus and as we were picking kids up I remember one of my friends standing up in the aisle straight as the bus was stopped. The bus started to pick up speed and once we hit Peebles Road he just fell over. Being stupid 5th graders, the rest of us tried it, except we took a stance that would prevent us from falling back. We called it “Bus surfing” but once we hit Carson that all changed.”



Debating Werewolves

It all started out with conspiracy theories and then we ended up on whether Werewolves would be seen as gods or be discriminated against.”



To start off, I have a very huge fear of insects. I’m literally scared of anything from butterflies to mosquitoes. I can’t be near them or even look at them or else I have a panic attack causing trauma to the people around me. During my eighth grade year, there were not one but at least 10 bus experiences that resulted in me riding the bus with a bug on my window or the seat in front of me. I always used to sit on the inside, because my friend and I would alternate morning and afternoon. I would scream and yell and try to push my friend out of the seat. The funny part was that the bus driver would never scream at me for yelling or anything and that was pretty chill and all. There was a time when the stink bug, which was originally on my window, had fallen on top of my backpack. It took me a whole month to be comfortable carrying and touching my backpack. I definitely had some of the worst bus ride experiences.”

-Akshita Inukurthi


Fergie’s National Anthem

“My bus driver plays the radio so that we all don’t sit in awkward silence. One morning the country station that was playing was having its morning talk show with the hosts. They were discussing Fergie’s performance of the National Anthem and played the clip of Fergie singing. As kids got on the bus, they had no context of why the song was playing, so it was funny to watch their faces as they got on the bus and heard the National Anthem.”


Petty Friends

“One time this girl asked her friend, ‘Will you miss me when I move away this year?’ and her friend said, ‘Nope not really’. Now every time I get on the bus they just sit on the seats next to each other, arms folded, glaring. It’s been months since the fight.”


Dog on the Loose

“One time when I was in second grade, my dog got loose and we saw him on the sidewalk while our bus was taking us home. My brother told the bus driver that our dog was outside, so the driver pulled up to the sidewalk and let our dog onto the bus, then proceeded to drop him off at my house along with my brother and me.”

-Alexis Arrigo

Unassigned, Assigned Seats

On the first day of seventh grade, I, along with two other girls in my neighborhood, was informed that we’d have to ride a different bus home each day than the one we rode to school in the morning. This would’ve been fine, except that our new afternoon bus was already filled with kids that rode it in the morning, all of whom had staked out their own territories. There was an average of one kid per seat, giving them room to sprawl out and relax. Realizing this, I and the two girls piled into a single seat towards the middle, trying to be as non-invasive and inconspicuous as possible. Keep in mind, we each had backpacks, I had a violin, and one of the girls had a trumpet. So yeah, it was a bit cramped. But we didn’t want to steal any of the morning kids’ seats, so that’s what we did. We also figured since we were the first stop, we’d be out of everyone’s hair before they could get angry.
Boy, were we wrong. Enter entitled girl (EG).

EG: *literally stomps down bus aisle* That’s my seat.

At this point, the bus is about ready to go, and all the seats are taken. There’s not really anything we can do. I hate confrontation, so I thought apologizing would be best.

Me: Oh my gosh, I’m so, so sorry. We ride a different bus in the morning, we didn’t know. Is it okay if we sit here just for today? We’re the first stop, we’ll be gone in a few minutes.

EG: I don’t CARE. That’s MY assigned seat, go back to your own bus!

Me: Ummm…

The bus starts to move, so she huffs and sits with her friend behind us, muttering the whole time about ‘assigned seats’ and ‘selfish brats’ and ‘who do they think they are?’

As I said, I don’t enjoy confrontation, but I hate bullies and jerks even more. So I turned around and calmly explained what I’d already stated.

Me: I’m really sorry. I promise we won’t sit here tomorrow. We’ll be out of your hair in a couple of minutes.

EG: Well, it’s just irresponsible! What if the bus was gonna explode or something? The bus driver needs to know who’s in that seat, and he can’t DO that if you go around stealing people’s seats!

Me: What?! That’s stupid! He’s not gonna go, ‘Hey kids, the bus is about to explode. Seat 1, exit. Seat 2, exit. Seat 3…’ 

Basically, I and EG get in a huge shouting match. Because she was being an idiot. Also, I’d like to point out that the two neighborhood girls were not helpful at ALL. Here I am, defending them and myself against this pumpkin head, and they’re just sitting there!

Finally, I told EG, ‘You know what? I’d rather WALK home every day than ride the bus with a jerk like you.’ 

EG: I’d PAY to see that.

And so, for the rest of my seventh-grade year, I walked home. Every. single. day.

(granted, I only lived like a couple of blocks away at the time, but it’s the thought that counts.)”



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