NAI Project Water Dodgeball Tournament Video 2019

We’re all looking to make a difference. It’s the goal of countless clubs, organizations, and charities. We, as a people and a society, want to change the world.

Well, on Thursday, April 18th, that’s exactly what North Allegheny did with the annual Project Water Dodgeball Tournament.

Project Water was originally started here at NAI five years ago by Josh Thomas. He saw a problem— the water crisis in Africa. He wanted to make a difference. And what brings people together more than a fun dodgeball tournament the day before Spring Break?

The event, made possible by dozens of volunteers and the student participants, resulted in a full day of fun dodgeball and intense competition. Every team hoped to win their way through the tournament bracket and to the grand prize of the Golden Dodgeball. There was a live ranking system set up, diligent referees, and passionate students. It was an unforgettable day.

More than that, it was impactful, as well. NAI raised over $30,000, and all of it is going to help those suffering.

The day also raised awareness with Project Experience, an interactive presentation that showcased the other struggles men, women, and children in Africa face every single day. Volunteers presented such issues to each team, and then students reflected on what they can do to cause positive change.

The tournament provided an exciting day, all while educating students and providing aide. It had a real, tangible impact on people halfway across the world, all because a student at our school decided to make a difference.

That’s what Project Water’s legacy will be. It will always stand as proof that one idea can make a difference. One student can change the world. And one fun day at a high school can help revolutionize water access in Africa.

NAEye was on the scene, capturing some of the best throws, coolest dodges, and most meaningful moments from the truly extraordinary day.