New Year’s Resolutions

We asked students and teachers of NAI what their goals and resolutions are for the 2019-2020 school year.

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  • Dr. Gallo's students wrote their goals for the year on the chalkboard.

  • "I would like everyone to be nicer to each other." - Señor Bova

  • Nina Miller (10) is excited to "be the oldest in the school."

  • "To get an 88 or higher in every class." - Zach Webster, 10

  • "To stick it out to June 11th and to try to be half as cool as Mr. Lamm." - Mr. Winschel

  • "To be kind." - Mr. Zavacky

  • "To have fun, do fun things, and learn some good stuff." - Alaina Fantaski, 9

  • "To get good grades and make new friends." - Lia Palermo, 10

  • "To get all A's." - Abhi Yarlagadda, 10

  • "To make it the best year I can possibly make it for every student." - Mr. Geibel

  • "To lose weight." - Nikki Crean, 10

  • "Not to fail my classes." - Katie Warner, 10

  • "From a school environment standpoint, my goal is to encourage students to be nicer to one another. And from an educational standpoint, my goal is to really get the students to dig a little deeper and think about the math that they’re doing." - Mr. Weet

  • "Not to procrastinate as much." - Eliza Lowman, 10

  • "My goal is to not take a nap after school because then I end up staying late, getting home from school, taking a nap, and then staying up even later, and it’s just not good and not healthy." - Lydia Cwalina, 10

  • "To get straight A's." - Noah Waldee, 9

  • "That all of my students thrive and are happy." - Mrs. Pitaro

  • "Get good grades, have good friends, and have fun as a high schooler." - Harron Lee, 9

  • When asked if he had any resolutions for the year, Mr. Lamm replied, "No. How can you improve on perfect?" - Mr. Lamm

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All photos Jess Daninhirsch