Winds of Change: A Transition to NAI

A profile on the change from middle to high school

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Winds of Change: A Transition to NAI

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For most middle school students, going into high school is a very nerve-wracking experience. As a group, most agree that high school seems very intimidating. Now that the class of 2023 is here, most seem to have a  different outlook on high school. We interviewed six freshmen, gathering their feedback on various aspects of their year so far. 

What were your expectations vs reality of high school?:

Olivia Gonzalez: I didn’t really know what to expect, but the reality is it’s pretty easy.

Ethan Brennan: I was very nervous coming in, but it turned out to be pretty easy.

Maddy Kasunich: I thought the classes were going to be really hard and I did not think I was going to see my friends, but the classes are not that hard, and I get to see people everywhere because they give us enough time in between classes to talk to our friends.

Dylan Murray: You know, I thought it was going to be hard, but I came in here, chased that bag, and now I got all A’s.

Charlotte Schreiber: My expectation going into high school was that high school would be very hard, but it really isn’t. You just have to listen and pay attention in class.

Emma Swanson: I expected there to be a lot of homework and a lot of people I knew… but I didn’t know a lot of people in my classes.


What classes do you take?

Olivia Gonzalez: I only take two honors classes.

Ethan Brennan: I take mostly honors classes.

Maddy Kasunich: I take all honors except gym and history.

Dylan Murray: Normal classes, all academic and honors German.

Charlotte Schreiber: I take all academic except honors German.

Emma Swanson: I take all honors besides French.


What has your workload been like so far?:

Olivia Gonzalez: My workload is pretty light and I usually don’t have homework.

Ethan Brennan: The workload is not as much as I expected.

Maddy Kasunich: It’s good. I don’t have as much homework as I thought it would.

Dylan Murray: I thought it was gonna be hard. Right? Easy, chased that bag, got all A’s.

Emma Swanson:  …[it] turns out I didn’t have that much homework…

Charlotte Schreiber: The teachers mostly give you your assignments in advance, so you just can’t procrastinate or it will add up. Other than that, it’s not bad.

Maddy Kasunich: It’s good. I don’t have as much homework as I thought it would.


Has your outlook on school changed?:

Olivia Gonzalez: My outlook on school has not changed.

Ethan Brennan: I like high school a lot more than middle school.

Emma Swanson: School means more to me now because it actually counts for getting into college.

Charlotte Schreiber: Yes. I enjoy going to school a lot more this year.

Maddy Kasunich: Yeah, this school is definitely a lot better. I do not feel as stressed to get to class or anything.


A common, uplooking theme between the incoming freshmen are the new electronic privileges. Coming from middle school, it was a big change from having your phone shut off and in your backpack for seven hours each day, to being allowed to use it more fluidly.


Are there any new freedoms that you have at NAI compared to middle school?:

Olivia Gonzalez: I like using my phone more.

Ethan Brennan: You are allowed to use your phone more.

Maddy Kasunich: We are allowed to be on our phones and we are allowed to wear hats and the teachers are not as strict about earbuds.

Dylan Murray: I got a laptop; it is pretty crazy.

Charlotte Schreiber: We get to use our phones if the teacher lets you.

Emma Swanson: I like being able to use my phone in class more.