Lara Reis

October 3, 2019

Lara Ries, a sophomore, speaks portuguese at home.

NAEYE: Where are you from? Did you move here from somewhere else?

Lara R: I moved here from Brazil in the middle of 2016

NAEYE: What languages do you speak? 

Lara R: I speak Portuguese and English

NAEYE: Which language do you speak more often? Or have you spoken it your whole life?

Lara R: I think I speak Portuguese more often, and I have spoken it my whole life.

NAEYE: How long have you been speaking that language? / which language did you learn first?

Lara R: I learned Portoguese before English

NAEYE: Do your parents speak English? If not how does it feel to be the translator between your parents and others?

Lara R:They do speak English

NAEYE: Does it ever get annoying when people ask you to speak your language? Or asking blunt questions

Lara R:Not really, I mean, they’re trying to find more knowledge about it so I don’t

really mind it.

NAEYE: Any challenges?

Lara R: Sometimes I get a lot of grammar errors, but that’s about it.

NAEYE: Does knowing more than one language help with your language studies at school, or does it make it harder?

Lara R: It does help because they are both from Latin.

NAEYE: Could you tell us your favorite joke or pun in that language, and explain what it means

Lara R:“O que um cupim disse para outro? Me dá um cupim de água?” It translates to “What did the termite say to the other? Can you give me a small cup of water?” 

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