Where Dreams Come True…

Students and staff contemplate which Disney princesses need a little more recognition and which ones are put on too high of a pedestal.

Where Dreams Come True...

While growing up, for many of us, the Disney princesses were role models and people to look up to, demonstrating kindness, bravery and fun. But some people think certain princesses get too much credit while others don’t get as much as they deserve. Students and teachers were asked, “Who is the most underrated Disney princess and why and who is the most overrated and why.” So which princess do you think deserves her turn in the spotlight and who needs to take a step back?


Emily Gierczynski:

Underrated: Jasmine because she takes the most risks out of any of them and her clothes are beautiful. 

Overrated: Cinderella because she is a crybaby.


Evelyn Wiethorn

Underrated: Rapunzel from tangled because she had to kill her own mom. 

Overrated: Sleeping beauty because she just sleeps the whole movie and wakes up to a kiss? 


Madyson Cieszynski:

 Underrated: Mulan because she is just not talked about enough. 

 Overrated: Snow white because she just doesn’t do anything anything special. 


Nicole Baker

Underrated: Pocahontas because she is a strong, powerful woman and it is a historical movie that shows the horrors native americans went through. 

Overrated: Cinderella because she just waited around all night.


Quinn Volpe: 

Underrated: Tiana because she did the most out of all of them and she was an empowering woman who didn’t get enough credit. 

Overrated: Elsa because she is just overwatched and she is not relatable.



Overrated: Jasmine because she need Aladdin to show her the world and she doesn’t even try before hand. 

Underrated: Ariel because she is an awesome redhead.


Pratik Yarlagadda: 

Underrated: Vanellope Von Schweetz from wreck it Ralph because she is so funny. 

Overrated: Cinderella because she does nothing.


Morgan Nash

Underrated: Pocahontas because she is so chill. 

Overrated: Cinderella because she waits on somebody to save her.


Ava Lelis: 

Underrated: Ariel because she is beautiful. 

Overrated: Cinderella because she is lazy.



Underrated: Tiana because nobody remembers her and she does so much. 

Overrated: Cinderella because she is so cliche and everyone does things for her. Also she falls in love for no reason.


Megan Quinlan: 

Underrated:Merida because she is not as known or as popular. 

Overrated: Cinderella because she didn’t really do anything on her own.


Rachel Lessure: 

Underrated: Snow white because she is not super popular but she is a good character. Overrated: Ariel because she isn’t that cool and people hype her up.


Alli Schwartz: 

Underrated: Rapunzel because she was overshadowed by frozen. 

Overrated: Cinderella because all she does is lose a shoe.


Christy Simon: 

Underrated: Mulan because she keeps going even when she is scared. 

Overrated: Sleeping beauty because all she does is sleep.


Paige Vitanza: 

Underrated: Merida because she had a lot of problems and didn’t wait for anyone to solve it for her. 

Overrated: Snow white because she slept in a house with short, old men and cooked and cleaned for them all day.


Ethan Vitanza: 

Underrated: Mulan because she battled an entire army. 

Overrated: Sleeping beauty because she slept.


Nikki Crean: 

Underrated: Rapunzel because she had super long hair and helped people get up her tower with it. 

Overrated: Snow white because all she did was bite into a poisonous apple. Like congrats?


Katie Schurter: 

Underrated: Merida because not many people remember she exists even though she is really cool. 

Overrated: Elsa because people think she is the first princess to go without a man and she’s not and all she does is run away from her problems and hide in an ice castle.