We Need More Pop Literature


Cara Howe/Netflix

Patriot Act's Hasan Minhaj is becoming a hit with young viewers.

Everyone wants to keep up with current events, but nobody has the time.

In this day and age, no one has free time to sit down and read a physical newspaper or a hardback book. Everything is constantly in action, and the media needs to keep up with the constant motion of life. Retaining literature and news can no longer be a sit down task; it has to be something that the population can balance with the loads of other jobs they need to do. This is where pop literature comes into play. 

Pop literature is the new way of consuming media. Podcasts, TV shows, political cartoons, and anything else that can engage an audience without forcing them to use all of their attention. Using more pop literature could be a way to actually engage viewers in current events. People no longer want to read newspapers or take the time to look up the news. They want it presented in an entertaining, easily understandable way.

An example of this is Hasan Minhaj’s show Patriot Act, which is a fan favorite among the people who loved his comedy on The Daily Show.

Minhaj’s impact on pop literature in extraordinary. He presents current events to a live audience in a comedic manner while integrating anecdotes, interviews, statistics, and more. This new wave of media is changing the way society keeps up to date. The experimental format of his show engages viewers while informing them about current, important topics. 

News sources are beginning to incorporate pop literature into their everyday articles. The New York Times started a podcast known as The Daily. It is a daily podcast covering broad stories from the perspective of a few individuals through personal interviews or shadowing. The same article that could have been published on a website can now be consumed on a car ride home or while getting ready for school.

In a world where we are so consistently consumed by an onslaught on media from all ends, let’s not blame our technology for our ignorance; rather, we should be consuming more quality pop literature. There is a great need for more pop literature in our news sources. People just aren’t engaged in the news nowadays, which means that not very many people are fully informed on today’s current events. Pop literature gives media the fresh look it needs to adapt to an ever changing world.