Man’s Best Friend

Dog's have been shown to improve your health and happiness.

Have you ever wondered, what’s better, a dog or a cat? Dogs might not only be better than cats, but also be better than most animals. Recent studies proved that dogs are the ultimate pet to own. From your health to your happiness, owning a dog could greatly improve your life.

Owning a dog can not only lead to lower stress levels in adults, but also children. Children who live in a home with dogs have a decreased risk of asthma. Last month, a study shows that older dog owners take 2,760 more steps per day on average than other people their age who don’t own a dog. These benefits come strictly from owning a dog. Cat owners do not seem to reap the same rewards. In fact, dog owners are twice as more likely to say they are happy than cat owners. Dog owners are also more agreeable, extroverted, and less neurotic than cat owners, studies show in a 2015 study. A 2013 study shows that dog owners are more likely to engage in outdoor physical activities than people who don’t own dogs. So, dog owners are receiving better health which paves the way to ultimate happiness. 

Studies have also shown that sleeping with a dog in your bed can be beneficial. According to one study, 56% percent of dog owners reported allowing their pet to share their bed and the same people reported having better sleep. Most people agree that it is comforting to come home after a long day and cuddle with your dog. Just being around a dog can lead to feelings of calm and relaxation, so it makes sense that these feelings lead to a better night’s sleep.

I think it’s safe to say that dogs are the ultimate pet to own. From lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress, and decreasing the risk of asthma, dogs have many health benefits. Owning a dog is an important part in maintaining your health happiness. I am proud to say that I am a dog owner and fully believe in all of the benefits!