NAI’s 2020 Spring Play: Clue

High school students bring their acting talent and energy to bring a great showing of "Clue" to the North Allegheny community


Anthony Durzo

Bulletin board advertising "Clue" in NAI

It’s mostly known as a board game but NAI is turning it into their 2020 spring play. Actors and directors are proudly presenting the high school edition of Jonathan Lynn’s screenplay, Clue.  

The story behind Clue is a group of people who are accused of committing a list of murders but the question is who killed who. When the truth comes out at the end, it will leave the audience in shock. 

Auditions were held in late December and production began the first week back from winter break in January. Cast, directors, and stage crew stay after school and rehearse for their shows on NAI’s stage from 2:30 to 4:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the first three weeks of production. 

On Monday, tech week began where everyone stays after school until 5:00 every school day. When tech week concludes on Friday, dress rehearsals will begin on Monday, February 17th, from 2:30 to 9:00 where students will be in full costume and will have their microphone on as if they are putting on a real show in front of an audience.

The play is run and financed by NAI’s counselors, Mr. Kiggins and Mrs. Feliciani, along with the help of seven student directors from NASH who have also participated in NAI’s plays in previous years. 

Opening night for the show is on Thursday, February 20th, at 7pm. Other showings include Friday, February 21st, at 7pm, Saturday, February 22nd, at 2pm and the final show takes place that night at 7pm. They also will put on a private show for senior citizens only. 

You can buy your tickets for $8 at the auditorium doors of North Allegheny Intermediate upon arrival.  After a month and a half of practice and rehearsals, the actors and directors are ready for the community of North Allegheny and their families to see a great high school production of Clue. 


  • Wadsworth: Gannon Sprinkle
  • Miss Scarlett: Cassandra Pultorak
  • Professor Plum: Ben Balbach
  • Mrs. Peacock: Zoë Sage Tracey
  • Mrs. White: Sally Cho
  • Colonel Mustard: Lorenzo Zottolli 
  • Mr. Green: Seys Walker
  • Yvette: Anna Parsons
  • Mr. Boddy: Noah Lego
  • The Cop: Sarah Weller
  • The Motorist: Julia Berger
  • The Cook: Tyler Prosser
  • Singing Telegram Girl: Maeren Quirke
  • Agent 1: Anthony Durzo
  • Agent 2: Sharon Li

Student Directors

  • Julia Moose
  • Ian Rampton
  • Aleni Antalis
  • Skylar Rogers
  • Grace Elliot
  • Lucie Flagg
  • Daniel Schaub

Stage Crew

  • Joseph Ebbert
  • Ryan Clarkson
  • Emily Guarajdo
  • Lily Owens
  • Sharon Li