Tiger Strong Live Long Week

NAEye looks into this past “Tiger Strong Live Long” week and how North Allegheny holds health at a high regard.

“Tiger Strong Live Long.”

First coined by Superintendent Dr. Scherrer in 2017 when North Allegheny implemented UPMC as the health insurance provider for all district employees.  Now, a seemingly new week-long tradition for us at NAI, thanks to Health and Physical Education Chairman Mr. Schmidt.

This past week, NAI students and staff kept fitness on the mind.  Each day of the shortened school week, health-oriented activities took place.  Motivational announcements were made about how everyone can keep their body in the best condition, too.

Not only did it focus on physical health, but recognition of the importance of mental health, wellness, and a balance of life was emphasized.

Mrs. Ewing knows as principal that her students and fellow staff live a crazy, restless life.  She hopes that this past week served as a reminder to all to take a breath and the worth of emotional and mental health.