8th Going On 9th

A guide to the most scary place to a middle school student, high school!


Courtesy of North Allegheny School District

All three middle schools funnel here, NAI High School

High school.

It’s a scary new place for the young 8th-going on 9th graders. Scheduling time has once again come around and that means the dreaded long program of studies visits you.

There are many things you must remember when scheduling your classes including interests, use in life, and requirements for college. 

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Don’t forget you can change your mind
  2. Chose thing that fit your interests, not your friends
  3. Make goals for the future 

Don’t stress over the small things, it is not the end of the world if you get a bad grade, If you want advice on handleing free time, you should read Andrew McLaughlin’s story, The Delecate Harmony of “Free Time’ and Schoolwork.

The most important thing comes down to this, do your best.

The Delicate Harmony of “Free Time” and Schoolwork

NAEye talked to few students and got their advice for incoming 8th graders about scheduling and deciding whether to take more challenging courses or not.