Corrupt Competition Culture: Introduction

Four students each wrote an article exposing the truth behind the system of school life and society.

NA Eye

Between tests and the overwhelming flood of information being shoved down our throats every day, there is little time to see and recognize the biggest flaw in what we are doing every day: Our education system is corrupt. 

For some, everything is focused on getting the highest grades and being the best. Some just want to pass. Some may be looking for help but are too afraid to admit it out of fear of looking “not smart enough.”

Every day, students walk into school at an ungodly hour, stressing over the test they have first period. And then the other test they have third period. And the one at sixth. It seems never-ending. School has become a cycle: Start a chapter, get homework, study, shove it all into your head the night before the test, and regurgitate it back onto the test the next day and forget about it all the day after the test. Then you start over with the next chapter.

Meanwhile, as you desperately try to memorize everything your teacher said, you’re sitting there wondering, “Will I ever even need this information again?” Of course, a lot of times it depends on what you plan to do in college. We get distracted by the desire to be the best at every subject. By trying to excel in all subjects, the subjects you really enjoy and are good at get pushed to the sidelines. 

But what about beyond college? What do you want to do with your life? Do you want to be happy, or just show off your work ethic? Our entire lives in high school are centered around competition; getting the highest possible GPA you can to edge out your peers in hopes that your favorite college picks you. 

What ever happened to learning for the sake of learning? Nothing is based on learning anymore. Students just want to take whatever classes will look impressive to colleges. Meanwhile, nothing they do brings them any real joy anymore.

Learning is no longer for the sake of learning. Learning is memorizing for a test to get a good grade to get into college. We think it’s time to reevaluate our beliefs.

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