Where we are heading.

A look into our future as disinfectant fanatics.

As our town slowly begins the shift to the yellow zone of quarantine the questions and curiosities of the future begin to poke at us. Frustrations of the inability to control the actions of others along with the annoyance of the lack of power to return to what the world was before this global pandemic has taken over many of us. 

This repetitive loop we find ourselves in quarantine has us daydreaming of all we can do when this is over.  

But will things ever really go back to how they once were? 

After our school year is through, what will we have to look forward to? Things begin to look a little clearer as we slowly move toward the green zone. But, with the lacking belief in whether or not the Coronavirus is even real, paired with the decreasing practice of distancing, will things ever be the same? What will it take for non-believers to understand? Unfortunately the U.S. leading the world in cases and deaths isn’t enough. 

The outlook for most of us moving forward seems to be a divided one. A transition to more social circumstances divides us who either jump back into the same pre-global pandemic routine and those who take extreme safety measures and will never leave their houses again. Most of us fall in the middle but will this divide begin to affect how we as a society interact with each other. 

Priorities of saved lives vs. messy haircuts seem to be the splitting factor.

However, the toll quarantine has taken on many of us should not be completely disregarded either. The trapped feeling of not being able to get away takes a toll but if we want to be able to break free of our quartine chains we have to understand this freedom takes time. 

Whichever way we fall on the spectrum of the post-quartine mindset it’s important to remember the balance of things as well as to have an understanding that we cannot simply jump back into the life we lived before. Many of us have forgotten the crucial aspects of social distancing, if not practiced will lead us back to the same place.  Adjustments to how we connect with one another need to be made and one day, things may return to the normal that we once knew.