Hypocrisy in America

Letter to the Editor expressing opinion of the current state of America.

Hypocrisy in America is fueled by division.

Business Insider; Stars and Stripes

Hypocrisy in America is fueled by division.


When I woke up and saw the video of George Floyd being violently mistreated while being arrested, I was horrified. I was horrified that a man could have his knee on the back of someone’s neck even after they were unconscious. I was horrified that none of the other officers stopped him or even checked to see if Floyd had a pulse.

Just like almost every single American that watched the video of George Floyd’s death, I was angry. I was angry that every officer on the scene did nothing as their partner, Derek Chauvin, killed a man who was in handcuffs and restrained and was not resisting arrest.

What’s also horrific is that George Floyd’s tragic, unfair death is being drowned out by the selfish criminals who are taking advantage of the situation to loot and destroy innocent businesses. 

Many Americans wanted to get justice for Floyd so they started a peaceful protest in Minneapolis. However, it didn’t take long for the peaceful protest to turn into a violent riot which ravished the city. Overnight, entire buildings were burned to the ground and others were looted bare. Over the following days, the same thing happened to cities across America. That is not how you get justice.

Rioters destroyed or damaged over 200 buildings in just three days in Minneapolis alone causing millions of dollars in property damage. Many people have been defending these violent rioters, saying that they are angry and it is necessary in order for their message to be heard. They are justifying the destruction of innocent people’s lives. When did it become okay to burn down buildings and loot stores because you’re angry? When did it become okay to burn down a police station because of the actions of a couple bad cops? When did we allow domestic terroism to become acceptable in our country? 

One thing that I learned from these riots is the amount of hypocrisy in America. When law abiding citizens exercised their first and second amendment rights in Michigan to protest unconstitutional laws, they were ridiculed by the same people and politicians who are defending the criminals that are commiting acts of domestic terrorism in the Floyd riots. The Michigan protestors were told that they were putting thousands of lives in danger through possibly spreading the coronavirus. Aren’t the people that are protesting for George Floyd doing the same thing? Why is the media not talking about that?   

President Trump has been criticized and accused of being racist for calling the rioters “THUGS”. First off, that is what they are. If you burn down a building, loot a store, or attack a cop, you are a thug. Secondly, where was the outrage in 2015 when President Obama called the Baltimore rioters thugs? Why is it racist when Trump says it but it’s okay when Obama says it? 

On Friday night, a Federal Protective Services officer was shot and killed by rioters. His name is David Patrick Underwood. He was an innocent man who was just working security. Oh, and did I mention he was black? I thought that the message of the protests and riots was that black lives matter. Did David’s life not matter? Why is there no outrage from the Black Lives Matter group about his death? Speaking about the hypocrisy from the Black Lives Matter group, why do they never protest or riot after a black man is killed by another black man? According to FBI statistics, 90% of black people killed are killed by other blacks. Do black lives only matter when a black person is killed by a white person? Black lives should matter regardless of the way they die.

Another great example of hypocrisy is that police brutality is only shown when it is a white cop against a black person. Have you heard of Tony Timpa? Probably not. I didn’t hear about him until the other day. Tony Timpa called police for help because he was having a schizophrenia episode outside of a store in Dallas. When police arrived, he was already in handcuffs and restrained by security guards outside the store.The police then re-cuffed him and held him against the ground for more than thirteen minutes. Tony then died due to “toxic effects of cocaine and the stress of being restrained.” He can be heard in videos begging to be let go and saying, “you’re gonna kill me”. This is pretty much the exact same thing that happened to George Floyd considering a preliminary autopsy reported there were “no physical findings that support a diagnostic of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation” and that the “combined effect of Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions, and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.”  This kind of police brutality is unacceptable – no matter what the race of the victim is.  

As Americans, we need to shift our focus from this hypocrisy to being unified and standing against these kinds of horrific acts – like what happened to George Floyd and Tony Timpa – and we need to do it the right way, the lawful way.  The same set of values should apply to individuals of any race.