Student Views: Remote Learning

How do you feel about the past couple of months regarding remote learning? Do you feel ready for next year?


As we are coming to the end of the school year, I wanted to interview five of my friends regarding how they feel about remote vs. in-person learning and if they feel prepared to go into the next school year.

First I asked my friends if they prefer remote learning or in-person learning. I was expecting all of them to say in person, but I was surprised when one said otherwise. In the interview of my friends Maddie Baker, who was the only one who said she prefers remote learning said, “I prefer online school because I like to work at my own pace and be able to do work on my own time.” I was honestly very surprised by her answer because of the rest I received from others. 

Next, I asked my friends If they feel that they are personally doing less or more work then they were doing in regular school. Everybody said less, but Sophia St. Myer said it honestly depends on the day. Sophia said “For most of my classes it’s around the same amount of work and sometimes it varies. Some days I will be doing homework for hours because of how much I am given and some days I am done in an hour.” I definitely am on the same page as her and feel that some days I receive hours of work and others I only have 30 minutes of work to do. 

Then, I asked if their teachers are interacting with them as much as before and why do you think they are or aren’t. Not to my surprise, everyone said not as much. Dom O’Barto said, “My teachers aren’t and it is harder to have a conversation over email or google hangouts rather than walking down the hall and having a face to face conversation.” I agree with him that it does take a lot more time to contact and have the conversation that is needed to understand what is being told to you. 

Next, I asked if they feel prepared with how they are learning with the circumstances and especially with our grade going into the hardest year of high school, junior year. For the majority, they all said no, and Maisy Wadlow has a good point when answering this question in particular which I certainly agree with. Maisy said, “I don’t think I am learning enough in my classes, especially math. I know pre calc will be very hard and I have always struggled with math so learning online is very difficult for me and I don’t think I’m learning it too well by myself.” I have thought this same thing before with lots of my classes over the past two and a half months. 

Lastly, I asked if they think at the beginning of the next school year NA will go back right away in full swing, or will there be limitations such as (mask, different schedule, etc.) and if limitations which ones. Everyone said there will be some type of limitations going back next year but I liked Olivia Phillips’answer most because she went the most in-depth about what she really thinks will happen. “I hope that NA will go back into full swing, but I think they might have us wear masks and take away extra activities such as fans at football games, and even to the extreme of having different schedules than the seniors to have fewer people in the building.” Obviously I think we all hope everything will be back into full swing, but we do have to keep in mind out health and the people around us. It is going to be hard if we do go fully back in the fall to have so many people in such a small building. 

I personally agree with everything everyone said and can’t wait to see what happens in the future of our high school careers.