School’s out for Summer

NAI, it’s that time of year again, the 4th 9 weeks. We only have a few more days before school gets out and we gain more time and freedom. This year is not like most of the end of the years though.

This year is definitely unique, NAI’s normal traditions are probably not going to happen. For example, This Is Us, which is a mix between the school art show, talent show, and a chance to relax and talk to friends, is probably not going to happen this year. As well as yearbook signing. But the end of the school year is still something to look forward to. 

Though I will miss NAI, as a sophomore, it is sad to know that I missed the end of the year at NAI and instead had to do it virtually. Though a lot of my teachers are still trying to keep some normalcy through online meetings and giving

Tony Larussa

us normal classwork. I will miss all my teachers and wish that we could have had a normal end of the school year. 

Though there are still plenty of ways to have fun. I still talk to my friends and we play online games together. We all can’t wait for school to get out so we can meet in person, though we all have to follow social distancing that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy our summer. We can still have small get-togethers in our backyards and at the park. We’re even going green on the last day of school.

But the end of the year is still time to enjoy though and relax. Even with all these challenges, we will come out stronger. Our state has recently turned yellow and is going green on the last day of school. We can start to hang out again and connect as long as we are careful. Our school has even changed the end of the year from June 11th to June 5th. Which will allow us more time for hobbies and goals we usually don’t have time for. After this very unique end to the school year, I hope everyone has an awesome summer NAI.