Humans of NAI: Mr. Warner

New staff member, Mr. Conrad Warner discusses views on student’s work ethic and Covid-19. His answers may surprise you!



Mr. Conrad Warner

NAeye: What are some of the pros of teaching during this pandemic?

Mr. Warner: Teaching and learning is predicated on relationships, and this has been the best chance to build relationships with students that I have ever had. I have received a tremendous amount of feedback from students that has shaped my classroom these first few weeks and made me a better teacher


 NAeye: What are some of the cons?

 Mr. Warner: I think there is an extent to which the time away makes developing relationships with students a bit harder. We are finding ways to overcome this.


Naeye: Does the student’s work ethic seem to be different from when there was no pandemic?

Mr. Warner: I was not at NAI prior to this school year so I cannot comment on a change. That being said, I have been nothing short of amazed by the work ethic and dedication of my students in both Psychology and World Cultures. No matter the challenge presented, I have witnessed students display  a commitment to rise above it and achieve to the best of their ability.


NAeye: Is it hard mentally to wake up every week day and teach? If so, why do you think this is hard for you? Has it always been hard?

Mr. Warner: NOPE! Not even a little bit. I wake up every morning and cannot wait to get the day started. Students make the school day the best part of my day!


NAeye: Do you genuinely enjoy your job?

Mr. Warner: Absolutely! This building has great leadership, amazing teachers, and most importantly, the most dedicated and hard working student body you could ask for.


NAeye: Who inspires you? Who is your role model?

Mr. Warner: I have had too many mentors to count in my life. If I had to pin one role model down I would say my wife, Hope. She has a strong moral compass and stands up for what she believes in no matter the cost. She is a leader with empathy and conviction. She is in many ways the person I aspire to be most like.


NAeye: How do you like NAI? 

 Mr. Warner: I was completely unfamiliar with North Allegheny until I interviewed here. I am very pleased with the district and I am absolutely AMAZED by the students. I had a lot of anxieties about joining NAI, I left a school that I spent 13 years at to come here; due to the building leadership, the students, and my colleagues in the faculty, I already feel like I am part of a family. 


NAeye: If you could change anything about how the school is set up during the pandemic what would it be?

Mr. Warner: I would love to have more chances to celebrate the herculean efforts of our students in this new learning model.  Students are thriving while balancing school work with responsibilities at home and they are overcoming fears and anxieties that exist regarding our new learning model.  Any opportunities to celebrate student success need to be taken advantage of.


NAeye: What is something positive that has come out of the pandemic for you?

Mr. Warner: I have become more in touch with the relationship and emotional well being side of learning. This has forced me to consider the humanity of the individuals in my classroom long before I think of them as students.


NAeye: Finally, what piece of advice would you give to the students of NAI?

Mr. Warner: Life is about moments. Simple moments make our relationships, they are our chances to learn and our chances to grow; in life, I think we just need to string together moments that matter. I was once told that everyone overestimates what they can do in an hour or a day but everyone underestimates what they can do in weeks, months, or years. Make your time, every moment of it, meaningful whether it is being with those you love, an opportunity to learn, or a chance to reflect on who you are and who you want to become. Make the moments matter.