From Trump to Biden

There have been several controversies surrounding the transition to the Biden administration. How will this impact America?


Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Weeks after the election, the Biden administration began their transition into the White House.

A transition to a new administration seems like the last thing 2020 needs, but ensuring that it goes smoothly will hopefully lay out the groundwork for a better path for America.

From the very beginning it appeared as if the transition would not be the easiest experience for the Biden administration. President Trump had made a point to fight the results of the elections. He claimed Biden’s win to be the product of voter fraud, so he began to pull out lawsuits against battleground states.

This claim of voter fraud has been proved false. Election officials across the country stated that there was no evidence of irregularities or fraud playing a great enough factor to lose the president the election. Many people may have assumed states were hosting fraudulent elections due to the tremendous swings, turning them from red to blue. However, this was because the counting of mail-in ballots added a great number of blue votes, since more liberals than conservatives voted using mail-in ballots.

Despite the rousing evidence against him, the Trump administration continued pressing lawsuits against several states. In many of these states, including Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada,  these suits have been denied or dropped. 

With the president refusing to concede, the Biden administration knew they were in a tough position. If they were unable to go through with a well ordered transition, many of president-elect Biden’s plans would have to slow down which makes the situation much more difficult, especially during a pandemic. 

While President Trump has not conceded, the Trump administration has given the thumbs up to the Biden administration to begin the transition. On November 23, 2020, Emily W. Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration signed off to allow the Biden administration to proceed with the transition. Later that day, the president tweeted that he had allowed Murphy to go through with these “initial protocols” for the “best interest of the country.” 

Since then, the Biden Administration quickly began to name some of the president-elect’s closest advisers and top aides, such as:

Chief of Staff – Ron Klain

Counselor to the President – Jeff Zients

National Security Adviser – Jake Sullivan

These few examples show the Biden administration attempting to put their best foot forward into bettering the United States of America. Over all of the controversy, it is important that the American people are able to come together, support each other during these troubling times, and begin a new era in this country.