Sign Wars

The political yard signs in our area highlight the political divide.

Since Pennsylvania is a swing state, many people here have different political views. Most people even have opposing political views and ideas from their neighbours. For the 2020 election, people were very opinionated on whether they were voting for Biden or Trump and why. This created tensions between families and friends just because of who they favored this election. (Claire Clemmer)
During elections, especially the 2020 one, a social divide was created. This means that people were and still are less friendly towards one another since the election this year was so intense. At family gatherings and even at school, people are divided because of their political fights. This creates arguments among family and friends. (Claire Clemmer)
Sometimes, having opposing views with your neighbors can create tensions between the households and even across the entire neighbourhood. Here, a house is displaying their Trump sign showing they favor him for the election. This goes to show how split up the country is because there were many people with Biden or Trump signs in the same relative area.
(Claire Clemmer)
Even after the election this year, some people are getting angry over others still having their election signs up. The losing party is especially getting pressured to take their signs down, since they lost. Arguments are still happening, even though it has been over a month since the election ended. (Claire Clemmer)
Social media has been a significant influence in this election. People are getting persuaded by others opinions, and even teenagers who can’t vote are voicing their political opinions via the internet. Some teens and older people even bought flags, posters, and more merchandise to promote who they favored this year rather than just having a sign in their yard. (Claire Clemmer)