The Danger of Words

Recording of a phone call Trump had with the Georgia Secretary of State and questions it caused.


Recently the Republican secretary of state in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, released a recording of a phone call he had with President Trump regarding the election results, specifically the ones that came out of Georgia. In this recording Trump can be heard trying to convince Raffensperger to find a way to change the results in Georgia and give them to Trump. 

This call brought up three important questions: Why is this important, is there any merit to Trump’s claims, and what did he cause?

Why is this important? 

These recordings are so important because, whether you like Trump as our president or not, the things he is saying are dangerous. We don’t know where he’s getting his “facts” and who is informing him about all this alleged election fraud. Many of President Trump’s accusations of voter fraud have been proven wrong by many officials. 

Trump’s denial of his loss in the 2020 election has caused some of his closest and strongest supporters to deny Biden as their next president and see Biden as a villain who “stole” their four more years. Trump is painting the Biden administration as unfit to lead. If this carries on when Biden is sworn in, people will most likely refuse to acknowledge Biden as the president. 

People are so willing to trust everything this man says, even when multiple people have proven it wrong. The right says they don’t trust those who have proven him wrong because they have a bias against Trump. However Georgia has a Republican secretary of state, and he sounded very hesitant to “find” Trump 11,780 votes.

“I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state.””

— President Trump

Trump hammered the Biden administration for “finding” votes in many states to win and now he’s trying to do exactly what he accused them of, it’s hypocritical. 

The republican Secretary of State acknowledges that Biden won Georgia and that Trump lost the 2020 election. He also says there was no voter fraud in Georgia. So if Trump supporters don’t trust facts from democrat biased news sources but they also don’t agree with the facts coming from a republican, there is only one explanation for why they refuse to admit their loss, “denial.”

Is there any merit to his claims?

President Trump has. in the past, over exaggerated situations and misinformed the public with his words, just like he is doing right now. He refuses to admit that he has lost and because of this so have his supporters. Many think that something big is going to happen and the fraud will be discovered and proven correct. 

Trump has been heard saying that the election results are wrong and that they will win this election no matter what. These statements have been proven wrong many times. Georgia has recounted their votes three times and Biden has won every time. 

People have proved him wrong to many times to count, yet people are still in denial of the 2020 election results. This situation proves that people will believe anything Trump tells him. Yes, having hope and striving to succeed is one thing, but denial and openly trusting in and spreading in proven lies is completely ludicrous. 

What did he cause?

On January 6th around one PM Trump supporters stormed the Capital building protesting the results of the election. They gathered by the thousand, and few can be seen wearing proper masks. The police tried to hold them back but eventually gave in and let them go.

Trump supporters are scaling the walls of the capitol building and are slamming into doors and windows trying to get inside. They too are in denial of the truth. They cannot imagine what it will be like without him and have refused to move one. 

Even after being told to “go home, and go home in peace” the protesters are not stopping. This is again another sign of how out of hand things have gotten. Even after hearing reports of a woman being shot inside the capitol building during all the chaos they still have not stopped.

Pictures of Trump supporters inside the Capitol are spreading through the internet and it is unexceptable. Even one of a man walking around with the confederate flag is spreading. This is the first time in history that flag has been inside the Capitol Building.

All the talk about how Republican protesters are supposed to be the peaceful ones and now this?

This just goes to show how dangerous Trump’s false claims can be. This all could have simply been avoided if Trump accepted his loss and moved on or his supporters listened to proven facts instead of an egotistical man who can’t accept the truth.


This whole thing is simply denial. People were so shocked to hear that Biden won that they refuse to believe they are living in a reality where Trump is no longer their president.

All of Trump’s false words lead to people dying at the Capitol on January 6. The spreading of false information is more dangerous than we know, whether a statement is true or false can determine life or death in some cases. Trump’s questionably true words put our country in danger is many ways.

With a leader who says false information constantly the United States looks foolish for having a person like that as their President. Holding people accountable for their words is more important than we know, and the truth is all that can save us right now.