Lost Connection

We asked NAI students the struggles of online schooling. There are constantly issues with staying awake and staying focused.


With the start of all online school, comfort seems to be a necessity now for staying online 7 hours a day. To that extent, how productive is it? Sleeping through classes, not being able to get out of bed. It is a struggle many come across. A situation as complex as not having a desk, access to a work space, or a place to stay concentrated. We asked students at NAI about their new adaptations to being home while in class.

Do you have access to a workspace at home? 

    • Brittany Cullen- Yes, I have a desk in my bedroom. 
    • Anna Bundy- I have access only when my sister is at college, when she is home I do not.
    • Charlotte Schreiber- I do have access to a workspace at home. 
    • Lilly Robinson- Yes I have access to a seperate room in my house with a desk and space to work.
    • Talyson Mellott- Yes, I do have a workspace.


Even if there is access, often do you find yourself doing all classes from bed?

    • Brittany Cullen- Yes, I am usually in my bed unless I have a big test where I need to focus more. I will sit at my desk. 
    • Anna Bundy- Yes I do find myself doing classes from my bed. 
    • Charlotte Schreiber- I do often find myself in bed even if I do have multiple places I could complete my school work. 
    • Lilly Robinson- Almost everyday I do my work in my bed because it’s easy and convenient.
    • Talyson Mellott Yes, I’m in bed right now.


Is sleeping through or past classes an issue ever?

    • Brittany Cullen- Yes, I fell asleep easily during the first couple periods. 
    • Anna Bundy- Sleeping through classes is a big issue for me. 
    • Charlotte Schreiber- I don’t have a problem falling asleep in my afternoon classes but in my morning classes I definitely struggle with falling asleep while in class. 
    • Lilly Robinson- Yes it’s an issue. Sometimes my alarm doesn’t go off, or I’ll wake up and end up falling back asleep.
    • Talyson Mellott- I sleep through at least a class a day.


Is staying concentrated in front of a screen for so many hours strugglesome?

    • Brittany Cullen- Yes, because most teachers sit there and talk and we have to follow along on the screen. 
    • Anna Bundy- It is very troublesome to stay focused especially with so many distractions.
    •  Charlotte Schreiber- I have a hard time focusing during class if my phone is near me. If I put my phone on the other side of the room I stay focused easier. 
    • Lilly Robinson-  Staying focused is very difficult because there’s a lot of distractions and there’s no one there to push you to stay focused.
    • Talyson Mellott- Yes, I feel like I haven’t learned since last march.


Is connection or internet ever a problem?

    • Brittany Cullen- No, but my laptop overheats a lot during the day and will shut off during class. 
    • Anna Bundy- Yes, the internet is a problem occasionally.
    • Charlotte Schreiber- No, I do not struggle with internet problems.
    • Lilly Robinson- Connection can sometimes be a problem and when it is many teachers don’t give much allowance in believing it is actually an issue.
    • Talyson Mellott- Yes, my wifi always goes in and out when I need it most


Online school has created new challenges for all students and they are constantly having to adapt. The students we interviewed stated their issues with  The level of focus in the students at home is going down and they find it hard to stay productive with these new challenges.