What Is The Song “Driver’s License”? Why Is It Going Viral?

photo credit: Twitter

photo credit: Twitter

A song entitled “driver’s license”, written and sang by Olivia Rodrigo, is dominating the music charts at the moment. Rodrigo is only 17 years old and has conquered the fields of acting and music. She released a song in early 2021 known as “driver’s license” that broke many records and skyrocketed to the top of the charts.

The virality of this song is astounding in terms of breaking records and chart topping success. Spotify revealed the numerous records that the up and coming artist broke. Olivia Rodrigo is holding the Spotify record for most streams for a non-holiday song, in a day. The people of Spotify also shared that Rodrigo has the most streams for a song in a week on their music listening platform. The executives at Spotify stated that the song is continuing to break its own records. Apple shared with the public that Rodrigo’s song “driver’s license” was the most requested song in one day on Alexa. Despite the young age of the artist, Rolling Stones Magazine believes that Olivia Rodrigo’s smash hit is a contenter for song of the year. The amount of records broken by Rodrigo’s song is astounding.

The public began to speculate why this song became so popular. A common theory was that Olivia Rodrigo debuted such strong talents at such a young age. However, the fans dug a little deeper into the lyrics and discovered something that could have been the cause of the success of the song. The fans believe that the song is about Olivia Rodrigo’s ex-boyfriend, which attracted more attention to the hit single. 

There are multiple lyrics are included in the song that give a nod to Rodrigo’s ex-boyfriend and co-star, Joshua Bassett. For example, “you’re probably with that blonde girl…she’s so much older than me,” “you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me,” and more give hints to the song being about Bassett. The “blonde girl” mentioned in the song is suspected to be actress and singer, Sabrina Carpenter. Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett are known to be in a relationship. Carpenter and Bassett both released songs that fans believe are responses to Olivia Rodrigo’s single. 

The songs written by the pair had lyrics that could have easily been applied to the “love triangle” going on. Joshua Bassett wrote and sang the song “Lie Lie Lie”, and Sabrina Carpenter wrote and sang the song “Skin”. Bassett’s song is calling the situation a lie, as seen in the song title. Carpenter is speaking about the annoyance of Rodrigo, but Sabrina Carpenter believes they also could have been friends. The lyrics in both of the songs could easily be perceived into the drama happening behind the songs. 

The song “driver’s license” is continuing to set and break new records continuously. The success that Olivia Rodrigo had from this song is shocking due to her young age. The young artist is getting so many exciting opportunities from the achievements of the song. Rodrigo is performing on popular late night shows, doing interviews with well-known networks, “driver’s license” playing on the radio, and more. The hit single will forever be remembered due to its chart topping success in such a short amount of time.