Reaching Middle Ground

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, America will never reach its full potential without compromise.

Reaching Middle Ground

At this day in age, the world is extremely advanced, but also extremely dangerous. Approximately 400 million people in America, each with different opinions and views on the ‘perfect world.’ Not only do we have major disagreements when it comes to topics like gun control and abortion, but we also have many natural disasters and events, such as earthquakes and fires. The only question is, which one is going to tear our nation apart first? 

Ever since the beginning of humanity, many topics have been fought over. Especially between 2010 and 2021, many life decisions have been fought over. Gun control is one of the biggest topics fought over, seeing how everyone has a different viewpoint. Some believe that guns should be legal, while others believe they should be permanently banned, which makes it extremely difficult to come to an agreement.

Some believe guns are absolutely necessary for things like hunting and self defense, and believe that all guns should be legal. On the flipside, others believe that guns need to be banned due to the rising number of deaths caused by a gun.

School shootings have been ripping through America like a virus, taking the lives of hundreds of children and teachers, which have not only brought major heartache to the friends and families of those whose lives were lost, but have also made children and parents terrified that they might be the next victim. 

While the second amendment gives everyone the right to bear arms, the fourteenth amendment gives everyone the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And now with guns being used in negative ways, such as ending another human being’s life, it puts those two amendments against each other. So, should America go against the second amendment and ban all guns, or should we go against the fourteenth amendment and continue to allow defenseless children to be shot at the one place that’s meant for advancing their life, not ending it?

Another highly controversial topic is abortion, and abortion has been argued over for years. Abortion is the act of terminating a pregnancy, and has American split into two different sides. On one side, millions of Americans believe that abortion is murder, and should be illegal throughout all of the U.S. On the other hand, many other Americans believe that a woman can do whatever they feel is right. 

Unplanned pregnancy is a huge issue, and it has brought the country to a crossroad. Currently, there are thousands of children in foster care, but most remain homeless. Not only that, but an unwanted pregnancy caused by another individual without consent is one of the biggest reasons a woman may choose to terminate her pregnancy, along with financial issues, family and home issues, young age, and others. 

Denying a woman the right to terminate a pregnancy can be easily argued as denying women the fourteenth amendment, or their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Forcing a woman to carry a child she does not want can have serious physical and mental health issues, and will forever change her body and her mind. A woman’s body is never the same after a pregnancy, and every time a woman looks in the mirror, all she’s going to see is her new body shape after the pregnancy, which can cause major confidence and self-love issues. 

Postpartum depression is a serious mental health issue that can cause a woman to fall into a pattern of negative thoughts and actions, and postpartum depression can be extremely dangerous, especially when caused by an unwanted pregnancy. 

So, are we going to allow women to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, which could prevent mental and physical health issues for both the woman and the unborn child, or are we going to force women to destroy their bodies to bring a child into this world, which will cause physical and mental pain to the woman?

One of the biggest problems all around the world is climate change, which has been causing a series of wildfires to spread rapidly. California has been affected by hundreds of wildfires, each causing more and more damage. In the past years, Australia has also been battered with several wildfires, also causing a lot of damage. 

Climate change is a serious issue, with temperatures rising and ice caps melting. Over 300 million tons of plastic is produced every year, and over 50% of it is single-use. After it is used, most of it ends up in the oceans, which not only destroys our oceans, but also cause hundreds of animal deaths. So, are we going to continue to use single-use plastic in our daily lives, or are we going to change our daily habits to lower the amount of plastic? 

There are many more controversial issues in America, some of which may never be fully resolved. However, if the citizens of America don’t come to a middle ground, these issues may become more severe, and could potentially be responsible for the downfall of the U.S.A.