Best Things to do This Summer

We all want to be able to relax with our friends this summer. A lot of times we want to go out and do something, but we don’t know what to do, for it’s always the same old same old with things to do and places to go. So here’s a list of some of the best things to do this summer.


  • Road trip
  • If you ever want to get away for a day and go hangout with your friends, why not plan a road trip. You could go to places, such as Presque Isle in Erie, or to Deep Creek.
  • Go to Amusement Park
  • If you’re ever bored, a good place to go is an amusement park. Kennywood isn’t super far away, so you could easily decide on a whim to go to an amusement park.
  • Go to Sporting Event
  • Sporting events almost always keep you entertained. They also have pretty good food, so even if the game gets a little boring, you can still enjoy popcorn, pretzels, nachos, or cotton candy.
  • Have a Picnic
  • You and your friends could plan a picnic of sorts. That way you can all pack what you want to eat. You could even plan to do some outdoor activities, like corn hole or other games you all enjoy.
  • Go Kayaking or Canoeing
  • A good idea for a boring day is going kayaking or canoeing. You can always rent a couple kayaks and go to North Park Lake for the day.
  • Movie Night
  • If you are ever too tired to go out, you can always stay in and have a movie night with your friends. You can all pick out the snacks you want to eat and you can even make popcorn.
  • Go to a Drive-In
  • If you don’t want to have to go indoors to watch a movie, you can always go to a drive-in. That way you can bring your own snacks and blankets and pillows so you can truly relax.
  • Go to a Concert
  • Coronavirus has cancelled a lot of concerts, however some are still going to happen and some are outdoors. So if you are able to, going to a concert would be a good idea.