Homecoming Dress Shoppers Prefer Online Experience


Dress shopping is the most stressful part of a highschool dance experience.

Greta Mott, Staff Writer

It is that time of year when high schoolers start buying homecoming dresses and students at North Allegheny have steered toward online shopping instead of in-person stores.   

More than ever physical stores are at risk of shutting down due to online competitors.  Homecoming dress shopping is a prime example of this.

Sophomore Julia Drazga ordered her dress from Princess Polly.  “My experience online was very enjoyable and not stressful,” Drazga said.  Sophomores Natalie Sens, Shauna Maenza, Ava Lindsay, and Junior Mikayla Tieppo said the same. 

Many students said they prefer online stores instead of in-person stores because of the accessibility.  Drazga, Sens, Schmidt, Maenza, Lindsay, and Tieppo all said that there are way more options online.  Maenza also added that it is easier to see all the options when shopping online.

However, other students had concerns about their online purchases.  Sophomore Kyra Schmidt said that she’s nervous about sizing.  Since she was not physically in the store she doesn’t know if the dress she chose is true to size.

Shipping is another issue students have with online stores.  Junior Jackie Chalifoux said, “Some of the shipping times were cutting it close to the dance even with shopping months in advance.”  Sophomore Amanda seto Decampos said shipping is also expensive.

Some of the shipping times were cutting it close to the dance even with shopping months in advance.

That is part of why Decampos prefers shopping for a dress in person.  “I prefer in-store shopping because the whole experience is more exciting and fun,” Decampos said.  “The only reason I shopped online was because the dresses are less expensive than in stores.”

As time goes on, trends come and go.  Early 2000s dresses were vibrant and as sparkly as possible.  This year’s trends will likely be different. The main websites students are shopping at are Lucy in the Sky, Lulus, and Windsor.

Drazga, Sens, Schmidt, Decampos, and Tieppo all said their dresses are body con.  Sophomores Daschbach and Lindsey, juniors Chalifoux and Tieppo are wearing mini dresses.  The colors that are most popular are green and black.  With all of these dresses found online, it seems stores have recognized what is trendy and made them available for purchase online.

In the movies, girls usually go dress shopping with their friends, but based on the shoppers surveyed, ¾ of the students went with their mothers, even if they were online.

Most of the students interviewed bought their dresses during the week of September 16, some even earlier, due to shipping time in order to have it in time for the dance on Saturday, October 9.