Student Section Themes Always Popular at NA Football Games



Student Section in Hawaiian attire, the yearly season-opening theme.

Sarah Klosky and Lauren Lentz

Each year, from late August to the end of October, high school football fans in the student section get decked-out in Friday night themes. 

After a year with only seniors allowed in the stands due to Covid-19, the student section is back and cheering on the Tigers like never before. Themes are what make the high school crowd distinguishable, and represent the pride and support they have for sporting events, especially football. Themes are fun and important to students because it “brings a sense of belonging”, says Sophomore Faith Boring.

 Sophomore Tarun Kumar’s favorite student section theme is blackout. “Do you actually watch the games?” Tarun Kumar said, “Yeah, obviously because Logan’s like QB1, [he’s my] best friend, I gotta support him.” 

Themes are normally repeated every year, some of the most popular being beach/Hawaiian, USA, frat, homecoming pink out, white out, black out, and gold rush. These themes are a huge hit for students of all ages, but are most creatively shown throughout the student section.

Sophomore Faith Boring said her favorite theme that is not listed were, “pajamas for sure.” When asked about the effort she puts into her outfits for the themes, Boring said, “I try to put a lot [of effort] in, but it doesn’t really show.” 

Friday nights are what most students are looking forward to every fall season, with many students being more innovative in their game theme attire then in their school assignments. Kids may go to the games for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to support the team or socialize with their friends, but the weekly theme is always what brings unity to the student section.