After Homecoming Success, Class Council Plans Next School Dance



NAI students dance at 2021 Homecoming. The dance was the school’s most popular ever on record.

Hope Bolibruck, Staff Writer

Homecoming 2021 was great at NAI. So great, that another dance may be on the way sooner rather than later.

Freshman Carson Corona, publicity director for the class of 25’, suggests a new school dance could take place in the near future. Since homecoming had such a good turn out, Class Council hopes to plan another dance in the Spring.

Corona said, “it was the greatest turnout of students ever on record.” With that strong of a response, why not have another dance?

But to have a second dance, Class Council knows a lot of planning would have to be done.

The theme is a crucial aspect of a dance that many people find important. It’s not only how the location would be decorated, but some people base their whole outfits off the theme. Corona says, “We have talked about doing a “Starry night” theme…” “We” refers to the Class Council, which is in charge of all student activities. The theme “Starry Night” is easy enough for everyone to enjoy while also not requiring a large budget, increasing the likelihood of another dance.


Another important aspect of having a dance is how to promote it. Posters were put up, we had a spirit week, and announcements were made regularly over the speakers throughout the weeks leading up to homecoming. Corona says they would follow very similar campaigning ideas to the ones homecoming because “people like that…”

A major concern for students, and maybe families, is the cost of the overall dance experience. The tickets, dresses, flowers, shoes, hair, and more can add up to be a pretty lengthy check. With how much everything this costs, it might scare some people off.

Class Council is willing to take this chance though.

A final factor that would impact another school dance is when it would be held. In October, the gym was decorated as well as part of the black top outside. Surprisingly, a majority of the students remained outside, so it would be difficult to fit everyone in the gym in the Winter. Corona supports this when he says, “We could have snow or worse; we can have ice. And on top of all of that it is getting colder and colder by the day.” Overall, it is enjoyable to have another dance in the Spring.

All things considered, Class Council hopes to put on a dance that is even better than homecoming. Even with all the hard work it will take, they are willing to work towards a Spring dance.