5 Simple New Year’s Resolutions


Jeff Palmer

With every new year comes celebrations and the chance for new beginnings.

Olivia Shubak, Entertainment Editor

This past year has presented a series of perpetual obstacles and widespread adversity.  Now is a time to acknowledge that the world has faced a lot, including the recent ongoing pandemic, the various climate catastrophes, and growing social-political tensions.

With 2022 quickly approaching, it is time to honor the past and gather hope for the future. It’s especially a good time to rejuvenate and practice self-care. A common New Years’ Eve tradition is to set intentions or goals called resolutions, but oftentimes, they are difficult to stick to and don’t amount to any real progress. As the holiday nears, here are some ideas for feasible, but gratifying and unique resolutions. 


  1. An act of kindness each day

Although this can seem small, a deliberate act of kindness each day can do wonders for a more positive mindset. It’s a simple task that’s easy to accomplish and can have a deep effect on someone. It also not only brightens another person’s day but one’s own. There’s even a Ted Talk about this philosophy by Mark Kelley. Kindness is about giving to others and while volunteering is a more direct way to give, it isn’t always practical. It requires a lot of time among other commitments and transportation can be difficult as there aren’t always opportunities available in the direct vicinity. Since acts of kindness can range and vary, consistency is easier to achieve.


2.  Any kind of spontaneity 

This resolution is incredibly refreshing and enlivening. It encourages a way of life that allows ebb and flow rather than one set in stone. Even people with an already established schedule can benefit from being spontaneous. It can still be included in everyday life in smaller, minuscule details. It could consist of taking a different route home from work or calling an old friend. The intention is to add flexibility to one’s lifestyle and it can be done on whatever basis the individual feels is fit for them. 


3. Spending focused time alone

From anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, spending undistracted time alone each day can be helpful. Whether the time is spent letting the mind wander or centering the body through breath, this can aid oneself to be more aware and present throughout the day. It can also improve concentration and help in working out frustrations. Any person understands that spending some quality time alone is vital, but prioritizing it can be difficult, especially with other, more fun, things competing for time. The most important thing is releasing any expectations of complete consistency but doing this on a regular basis.


4. Decluttering and organizing something

Now moving into more concrete goals, having a clean and organized space is a basic way of self-care. It can feel overwhelming to do but it does not have to use a large amount of effort. So rather than cleaning the entire house, it could be a single drawer or removing clothes you don’t want. It also doesn’t need to be often but the reward grants peace of mind and a feeling of productivity.


5. Journaling

Keeping a journal is difficult to do since the last thing most people want to do at the end of their day is write it all down. Instead, use the journal throughout the day. It could be full of doodles or lists of groceries. It would be able to help one recall their day in a meaningful, authentic way.