Unfair Hall Pass Restrictions


Mikhaela Titus

The decision to crack down on hall passes isn’t the right one for high school students.

Mikhaela Titus, Staff Writer

NAI’s new hall pass procedures and restrictions make it seem as if we are back in middle school. We were told that in high school we would be given more freedom, but now those freedoms are being restricted. 

While it’s true that people were abusing the old hall pass expectations by skipping class or spending too much time in the hall, these problems could have been prevented in different ways rather than restricting everyone’s freedom. 

It’s hard to enjoy coming to school when everything we do is being monitored so closely. How are we expected to take on so many responsibilities, but aren’t trusted to walk to the bathroom? We are in high school, and always monitoring us is not going to prepare us for the real world. It is just gonna make us scared to make mistakes and enforce the idea that we always have to be perfect. 

Sometimes it is important to take a break and walk around. We are constantly working and sitting. It negatively affects our mental and physical health when we do not have the ability to move around and are forced to sit in classrooms all day.

Not being able to walk around and socialize with our friends during homeroom is unfair. We work hard and are bombarded with work for six hours at school and then given even more work to spend hours on at home. We should have the freedom to enjoy at least fifteen minutes hanging out with friends during homeroom. 

We should have the freedom to enjoy at least fifteen minutes hanging out with friends during homeroom. 


The hall passes are also simply unsanitary. Students take them to and from the bathroom everyday. This spreads germs and is ill-suited for the current state of the world. The QR code google forms are less disruptive and far more cleanly. 

Only two people can use the bathroom at once. If two people are already gone, we have to sit there and wait like we are in elementary school. Sometimes people go to the restroom just to waste time. It is unfair to force someone to wait, because someone else wanted to skip part of a class. We should not have restrictions on whether or not we can use the restroom. 

As high schoolers, we are expected to decide our entire futures. So much pressure is put on us to succeed and figure out what we want to do for the rest of our lives.  If we are old enough to decide what to do with our lives, we should be old enough to simply use the bathroom without asking. 

These hall pass restrictions are unfair, unsanitary, and draining for our mental and social well being.