NA Swim Girls Win WPIALS and Make History

Greta Mott, Staff Writer

2022 Wpials took place on February 25th and February 26th for diving, and March third and March fourth for swimming.  North Allegheny girls won the championship title, making it their fourteenth win in a row.

Christina Shi, junior from North Allegheny, got first for womens, and Will Schenk, junior from North Allegheny, got first for mens.  Lola Malarkey, a freshman from North Allegheny, got fourth and will be joining Shi at states.

Will Schenk will not be going to states, due to an injury.

The North Allegheny girls took first place overall, and the boys took third.

As if winning isn’t a huge accomplishment, this year is special.  This year marks the 14th year in a row of the North Allegheny girls winning the WPIAL champion title. This makes them the team with the longest consecutive winning streak in all of womens WPIAL history.

Lexi Sundgren, highest point scorer and team captain, said she is “so proud to be able to call these girls her team” and how they have “grown into a family over the past months”.

Natalie Sens said that she is “motivated to help keep the streak going in the next couple of years.”

Greta Mott (sophomore), Isabella Dietz (senior), Natalie Sens (sophomore), and Becca Melanson (junior) placed second in the 200 Medley relay, behind Fox Chapel.

Lexi Sundgren (junior) took first place in the 200 freestyle.  Delaney Kennedy (junior) took fifth.

Lexi Sundgrens reaction to winning the 500 free.

Sens took second place in 200 IM, and Dietz took sixth.

Melanson came in seventh in the 50 freestyle.

Sundgren, Sens, Melanson, and Kennedy took gold in the 200 freestyle relay, winning by more than a second.

By the end of the first day, NA girls were in the lead with a total of 212 points.  Closest behind them was Fox Chapel with 174 points.

On the second day, Melanson placed fifth in the 100 freestyle.

Sundgren won another gold in the 500 freestyle and broke the NA womens varsity record with a time of 4:51:89.  Kennedy also got eighth.

Mott placed sixth in the 100 backstroke.

Sens got the gold in the 100 breaststroke and broke the NA womens varsity record, with the time 1:03:15.

Natalie Sens hugging competitor after winning the 100 breaststroke.

Sundgren, Mott, Dietz, and Kennedy took second place in the 400 free Relay.  It was a close fight with Fox Chapel’s relay, who came out on top.

By the end of the last day, North Allegheny had the total points of 344, taking home the WPIAL AAA championship trophy.

For the boys, William Gao (sophomore), Stewart Messer (senior), Riley Williams (sophomore), and Grant Regule (freshman) got eighth in the 200 Medley relay.

Zachary Jubeck (junior) got fourth in the 200 freestyle, and Eliot Maravich (junior) got eighth.

Gao got sixth in the 200 IM.

Ben Gavren (junior) got fifth in the 50 Freestyle.

Jubeck got sixth in the 100 Butterfly.

Gao, Gavren, Maravich, and Messer got fourth in the 200 freestyle relay.

After the first day, the boys were in second place with a total of 154 points.

On the second day, Gavren got eighth in the 100 freestyle.

Gao got third in the 100 backstroke.

Messer got sixth in the 100 breaststroke.

Jubeck, Gavren, David Shi (junior), and Maravich got seventh in the 400 freestyle relay.

In the end, the boys placed third with a total of 241 points.