Josephina Georgi Wins 2022 Tiger Walk


Ruby Morris

The Class of 2024’s winning painting will hang in the halls of NAI for years to come.

Claire Fiedler, Staff Writer

The Tiger Walk is a time honored tradition at North Allegheny Intermediate. Students from Drawing and Painting III create works of art to best represent the sophomore class, and this year Josephina Georgi won. 

Georgi’s painting depicts a close up angle of a tiger in a forest of bamboo. It is an acrylic painting on a 30×30 canvas. All of the competitors stretched the canvases themselves in class. Georgi used a variety of different brushes and sponges to add depth and texture. 

She gained inspiration for her drawing from past winners and online sources. She said, “Mr. Bockoven assigned us to do a painting of a tiger. I saw that all the previous winners for the most part were realistic tigers, so I Pinterest-searched for a picture of a tiger and I was on my way.” 

Georgi says that winning made her feel, “Really, really good. My friends recorded the moment I got selected over the announcements. It was a really great, happy moment.” 

 Creating the painting was a long and arduous process. The competitors began creating it in October, and turned it in only a few weeks before the winner was announced. Georgi said, “I think I turned it in like two or three weeks before it was selected. So it took me like three or four month with a lot of all-nighters.” 

“I’m really proud of myself.  There were a lot of people who didn’t think that I was going to be able to do it, and I did, “ said Georgi, “All of the people that didn’t believe in me got to hear it over the announcements.”

Georgi’s painting is now displayed in Tiger Hall near the main office to represent the class of 2024 for years to come.