Harry Styles Breaks Records with New Release


Columbia Records

Harry’s House is the highly-anticipated new release from Styles.

Hope Bolibruck, Staff Writer

Harry Styles is very famous among the younger generation, and he recently released a new single named “As It Was” on March 31, which has caught attention in the music world.

In the music industry, Harry Styles is a very well-known name. Styles has been on his tour, Love on Tour, since September 4, 2021, and will continue the tour till December 10, 2022. Besides this, he has been absent from the music-releasing field of his work. Styles last released new music in 2019 for his album, Fine Line. Perhaps due to the absence of new music from Styles, the new single has done tremendously well.

Since its release at the end of March, “As It Was” has been breaking records on a daily basis. On YouTube, the song is currently the most popular on music trending. Spotify also revealed, on April 3rd, that Styles broke the record of the most-streamed single in the U.S. in one day. With 8.3 million streams, he passed Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License,” which had 8 million streams.

Besides the United States alone, the 2 minute and 46-second song has then also broken a worldwide record. Styles’ hit has become the most-streamed song on Spotify in a single day worldwide, with 21.6 million streams internationally.

Social platforms have been breeding grounds for super fans with the upbeat song serving as a source of anticipation for those anticipating the release of Harry’s House, which will be released at the end of May. The album will include 13 total songs, which makes the waiting of fans worth it.

After the song was released to the public, Style’s made appearances in interviews to share his opinion. He shared “I hope people are liking it,” to Hits Radio And continued on about his experiences and meanings of the song.

Later on, Styles said, “It was written in my friend’s front room in the English countryside, and it started off much slower, as it was being written it was a lot slower”. This finished version is in fact not slow. It features energized tunes and many hidden and disguised meanings behind the creative lyrics.

Overall, the song has left fans in awe and with a thrill for the next songs to come from the highly talented and loved Harry Styles. Stay tuned for the release of his album on May 20th, Harry’s House.