Spring Formal Review


Isy George

Mr. Geibel lays on the tracks at the Spring Semi Formal.

Greta Mott, Staff Writer

Every year NAI hosts a Homecoming Dance in October and that’s all.  But this year NAI stepped up their game and put together a long-awated spring formal.  

On April 30, 2022,Class Council and the NAI staff threw the first spring formal in at least eight years.

The dance was from 7-9:30pm in the lower gym.  There were tents up outside with snacks and drinks, but inside was where the party started.

English teacher Greg Geibel was the DJ and put on a lot of major bops.  Although, there were some songs that were just not the right vibe to boogie to.

Geibel also threw shirts with his face on them out to the crowd..  Students were very eager to catch them.  He also had many tricks with the lights that made the dance much more fun.

In the middle of the dance, Mrs. Ewing came onto the dance floor and danced with all the students.  It was very fun to see her interact with the students outside of a school day.

Towards the end of the dance, the Spring Formal Spirit Week King and Queen were crowned.  The king was Michael Gaughnter and the queen was Emma Cheng.

To end the spring formal off on the right note, Mr. Geibel sent the crowdhome by playing “Country Roads” by John Denver.

Overall, the Spring Formal was a fun and pleasing experience and a great follow up to the Homecoming Dance.